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  Order of the Liturgy    Not owner
  Evlogimenos - The Hymn of Palm Sunday Eulogimenoc Not owner
  The Pauline Epistle   Not owner
  The Catholic Epistle   Not owner
  Praxis Response Wcanna qen ny`et[oci Not owner
  The Acts   Not owner
  Fe-et-himisi (Mohaiar) Vyethemci Not owner
  Psalm Response Allylouia =a=l Not owner
  First Psalm `Aricalpizin Not owner
  1st Gospel (St. Matthew)   Not owner
  1st Gospel Response Wcanna qen nyet[oci Not owner
  2nd Gospel (St. Mark)   Not owner
  2nd Gospel Response Not owner
  3rd Gospel (St. Luke)   Not owner
  3rd Gospel Response Not owner
  Second Psalm   Not owner
  4th Gospel (St. John)   Not owner
  4th Gospel Response Not owner
  The 4 Gospel Responses Together Wcanna qen nyet[oci Not owner
  Aspasmos Adam P=,=c penCwtyr Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos Ou`svyri efmeh Not owner
  Psalm 150 Response Not owner
  Communion Melody   Not owner
  Communion Melody - En    Not owner
  Another Communion Melody - En    Not owner
  Communion Melody - Arabic
مديح اخر للتوزيع
    Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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