St. Gregory Liturgy

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  The Prayer of Reconciliation Not owner
  Another Prayer of Reconciliation Not owner
  Aspasmos Adam - Pekhristos Pensoteer Pi`,rictoc Pencwtyr Not owner
  The Anaphora Not owner
  O You, THE BEING - Feiat-shop Ef-neef Vyetsop `vnyb Not owner
  You are He - Enthok Ghar `N;ok gar Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos - Nisherobim Ni,eroubim nem Niceravim  Not owner
  Holy, holy, holy - Agios `Agioc `agioc `agioc Not owner
  You, O my Master - Enthok Panep `N;ok panyb Not owner
  You, who are THE BEING - Enthok Pe `N;ok pe vy`etsop Not owner
  You have come - Akee E-epkholkhel Ak`i `e`pqolqel Not owner
  I offer You - Tini Nak }ini nak Not owner
  For in the same night - Enehry Ghar `N`hryi gar Not owner
  The Institution Narrative Akcomc `e`pswi Not owner
  The Descent of the Holy Spirit Hwcte oun pennyb Not owner
  The Litanies Not owner
  Your People - Pek-laos ghar Peklaoc gar Not owner
  The Commemoration Arikataxioin P=o=c Not owner
  The Prayer for the Departed Ouoh nai nem Not owner
  Remember, O Lord - Ari-efmevee Ari`vmeu`i P=o=c Not owner
  Loose, remit Bol `ebol Not owner
  For You are God - Enthok Ghar `N;ok gar pe V] Not owner
  That as in this - Hina Nem Hina nem qen vai Not owner
  O our Master - Pennep Pen-Soteer Pennyb penCwtyr Not owner
  The Fraction K`cmarwout P=,=c Not owner
  The Absolution Qen P=,=c Not owner
  The Confession Not owner

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