St. Basil Liturgy

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  The Orthodox Creed
قانون الإيمان الارثوذكسي
Tennah] `e`ouNou] `n`ou`wt Not owner
  We look for the resurrection... Tenjoust Not owner
  The Prayer of Reconciliation Not owner
  Another Prayer of Reconciliation Not owner
  Aspasmos Adam - Ari-aspazesta `Ariacpazec;e Not owner
  Aspasmos Adam (Rejoice O Mary) Ounof `mmo Maria Not owner
  Heteni Epresveia Hiten ni`precbi`a Not owner
  The Anaphora Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos - Epshois Efnouti P=o=c V] Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos - Maren-hos Marenhoc Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos - Maria Ti-echrompi Mari`a ]`[rompi Not owner
  Ni-Sherobim Ni<eroubim ceouwst `mmok Not owner
  Agio, agios, agios Agioc `agioc `agioc Not owner
  Was incarnate - Avitshe-sarex Af[icarx ouoh aferrwmi Not owner
  He rose from the dead - Aftonf Evol Aftwnf ebolqen ny`e;mwout Not owner
  According to Your Mercy Kata to `eleoc Not owner
  The Institution Narrative Not owner
  Amen, Amen, Amen Your death O Lord Amyn `Amyn` Amyn Not owner
  The Descent of the Holy Spirit Not owner
  The 7 Short Litanies Not owner
  Have Mercy upon us Je nai nan>Ele`ycon `ymac Not owner
  The Commemoration Not owner
  Those, O Lord - Owoh Nai Ouoh nai nem Not owner
Eu,ec ke `precbiec Not owner
  Names of the Departed Patriarchs
أسماء الأباء البطاركة الراقدين
Not owner
Pinis] Not owner
  Great Pinishti
بينيشتي الكبيرة
Pinis] abba Antwni Not owner
  Those, O Lord - Neman Epshois Ny men P=o=c Not owner
  As it was - Osperin Wcper yn ke Not owner
  Lead us - Echi Moi-ti {imwit qajwn Not owner
  The Intro to the Fraction Not owner
  The Fraction Not owner
  Our Father, In Christ Je Peniwt>qen P,=c Not owner
  The Absolution Not owner
  One is the All-Holy Father
واحد هو الآب القدوس
Ic Patyr> Ic `o pan`agioc Not owner
  The Confession Not owner
  The Conclusion (Amen Alleluia) Amyn Allylouia Not owner

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