General Glorification (Tamgeed of St.Mary)

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  Blessed are You (Ekesmaro-oot) K`cmarwout Not owner
  Rejoice O Mother of God (O-On Shere) (on) <ere ;e`otoke Not owner
  The Lord is with you (O kirios) O Kurioc metacou Not owner
  Seven times everyday (Shashf Ensop) Sasf `ncop `mmyni Not owner
  Come all you nations (Zefte Pentees) Deute Pentyc Not owner
  Intercede on our behalf Ari`precbeuin Not owner
  Rejoice O Theotokos (Rashi Ne) Rasi ne `w };eotokoc Not owner
  Many are all your wonders (Sena Etsho) Cena `tso Not owner
  This is the image (Fai Pep-lemen) Vai pe `plumen Not owner
  You are the Mother of Light (Entho Ethmav) N;o `;mau `mpiouwini Not owner
  Intro to Exposition (Amoinee) Amwini marenouwst Not owner
  Exposition (Oon-oohelpeace) Ouon ouhelpic Not owner
  Today, this virgin (Atai Parthenos) `Atai par;enoc Not owner
  Who am I (Anok nem) `Anok nim Not owner
  Your name is so great (Apekran) Apekran Not owner
  Hymn for St. Mary in Her Departure (Enti-geness)
لحن للعذراء في عيد نياحتها
Entygennyci Not owner
  In the name (Khen Efran) Qen `vran Not owner
  May the peace (Wa Salam)
وسلام الله
  Not owner
  Let come together (Fal nagtame)
فلنجتمع نحن
Maren;wou] Not owner
  Listen O Daughter (Esma-ee ya ebnatee)
إسمعى يا أبنتى
  Not owner
  A Crown of gold (Oo-eklom, Eklil)
إكليل ذهب
Ou`,lom `nnoub Not owner
  Ep-ooro - O King of peace
إبؤرو - يا ملك السلام
`Pouro Not owner
  Hail to you Mary (El-salamo laki ya Mariam)   Not owner
  Conclusion Not owner

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