Papal Hymns - ألحان البابا

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  Ekesmarout `K`cmarwout Not owner
  Ep-ouro (Long) `Pouro `nte ]hiryn Not owner
  Evlogi-menos Eulogimenoc `o er,omenoc    Not owner
  Extra Verses of Cymbals Ten]ho `erok Not owner
  The Doxology
Ak[i `t,aric `mMwuyc Not owner
  The Tawaf (Maro-echasf) Marou[acf Not owner
  Gospel Intro for H.H. `Cta;yte Not owner
  Gospel Response Twbh `mP=o=c Not owner
  Conclusion (Amen Alleluia..Akitchi) Ak[i `t,aric `mMw`ucic Not owner
  Yes Pateer (Great)
ييسباتير الكبيرة
`Amen Ic Patyr Not owner
  Tobh Hina (Extra Part) Twbh hina Not owner
  Tobh Hina (Great)
توب هينا الكبيرة
Twbh hina `nte V] Not owner
لحن نيسافيف
Nicabeu tyrou `nte pIcrayl Not owner
  Liturgy Hiteni Hiten nou`eu,y Not owner
  Praxis Response <ere pinis] ``mpatriar,yc Not owner
  Pi-epnevma Pi`Pneuma `mParaklyton    Not owner
  Sha Ni-rompi Sa nirompi Not owner
  E-aghapi `Y`agapy tou :eou Not owner
  (Tawadros) To Makario (:e`odoroc)tou makari`w Not owner
  Pi-ehmot Ghar Pi`hmot gar    Not owner
  Pi-ehmot Ghar - Great Pi`hmot gar `mV]    Not owner
  Ti-meat Esnoti }my] `cnou] Not owner
  Kalos Akee
كالوس إكي إ
Kalwc ak`i saron `mvoou Not owner

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