The Praises and Matins

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  The Order the Praises and Matins    Not owner
  Psalm 151
المزمور الـ 151
Anok pe pikouji Not owner
  The Second Hoos Lobsh Marenouwnh    Not owner
  First Hoos and its Lobsh Tote afhwc .. Qen ouswt    Not owner
  The Prayers of OT Prophets   Not owner
  Third Hoos `K`cmarwout P=o=c Not owner
  Aripsalin (Greek Watos Psali) Ari'alin `evy`etauasf    Not owner
Tenen Not owner
  Daniel 3:1-23 (After Tenen)   Not owner
  Prayers from the NT   Not owner
  The Story of Susanna   Not owner
  Ten-oweh ensok Tenoueh `ncwk    Not owner
  Verses of the Cymbals Tenouwst `m`Viwt nem Psyri Not owner
  Psalm 50 (51)    Not owner
  The Rest of the Morning Doxology Piouwini `nta`vmyi    Not owner
  Psali Watos (Coptic)
إبصالية واطس - قبطي
`A `P=o=c tase `iri neman Not owner
  Melody After Psali Watos
مديحة بعد الإبصالية
  Not owner
  The Theotokeia and the Sherat    Not owner
  Doxology for Bright Saturday Vy`etafsans `mPi=cl    Not owner
  (Isaiah 55:2-13)   Not owner
  The Homily   Not owner
  The Pauline Epistle E;be ]`anactacic Not owner
  The Mohayar Pa=o=c I=y=c P=,= Not owner
  Psalm & Gospel (of Matins - 1st Hour) Aier `m`vry] Not owner
  Gospel Response E;be vai ten]`wou naf Not owner
  The Commentary   Not owner
  Concluding Canon P=o=c P=o=c Not owner
  3rd Hour Prophecy   Not owner
  3rd Hour Psalm & Gospel Je `nnekcwjp Not owner
  6th Hour Prophecy   Not owner
  6th Hour Psalm & Gospel Not owner

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