Lazarus Saturday - سبت لعازر

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  Order of Lazarus Satruday    Not owner
  The Psali (Watos) `Amwini tyrou `ntenhwc Not owner
  Exposition     Not owner
  The Verses of Cymbals <ere Lazaroc vy`etaftwnocf Not owner
  The Doxology Lazaroc pi`epickopoc Not owner
  Matins' Prophecies   Not owner
  Matins' Psalm & Gospel   Not owner
  Matins Gospel Response Zews `nte han`svyri Not owner
  Liturgy Hetini Hiten ni`eu,y..Lazaroc Not owner
  The Pauline Epistle   Not owner
  The Catholic Epistle   Not owner
  Praxis Response <ere Lazaroc Not owner
  The Acts   Not owner
  Liturgy Psalm & Gospel   Not owner
  Liturgy Gospel Response <ere Lazaroc Not owner
  Aspasmos Adam Nim gar qen ninou] Not owner
  The Lazarus' Hymn Lazaroc `amou `ebol Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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