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  St. Mary Doxology (Vespers)
للعذراء مريم - عشية
Ere `pcolcel `mMariam Not owner
  St. Mary Doxology (Matins) `Wounia] `n;o Maria Not owner
  The Heavenly Orders Doxology
ذوكصولوجية للسمائيين
Sasf `nar,y aggeloc Not owner
  Archangel Michael Doxology Mi,ayl `par,wn `nna nivyoui Not owner
  Archangel Gabriel Doxology Gabriyl Pi`aggeloc Not owner
  Archangel Raphael Doxology Gene`a niben `etauswpi Not owner
  Archangels Mikhail and Gabriel Watos Doxology Batoc Do,ologia e;be niar,iaggeloc Mi,ayl nem Gabriyl   Not owner
  Archangel Suriel Doxlogy Marenouwst `mViwt nem Psyri Not owner
  The Four Creatures Doxology Pi`ftoou `nzwoun `n`acwmatoc Not owner
  24 Presbyters Doxology Ounis] gar pe pitaio Not owner
  144,000 Doxology Ainau `eou`aggeloc `nouwini Not owner
  St. John the Baptist - 1st `Mpe ouon twnf qen nijinmici Not owner
  St. John the Baptist - 2nd Aferme;re `nje Iwannyc Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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