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  • Not to mention that even if we did have a better understanding of our faith their are always some people that will never accept new things or ideas no matter how correct they are. A Wise Man Once Said : Avoid those who prefer conflict in discussion
  • my friends teacher also said God could be a gurl. Is it just me or when students/ teachers say stuff like that you just imidiatly jump into the conversation and correct them and try and tell them the right teaching even if you don't know much a…
  • God Bless you Youstina S :), thanks for the great reply. If anyone else has something else to add it would be greatly appreciated. ;D
  • I agree, just get your mind off things pray, or be with friends and family. My personal faviorite would have to be praising and talking to saints and believe it or not sometimes you'll get an answer back pretty quick usually within the little things…
  • I'd also like to add that when I asked my preist about the fasting before communion he told me it's 9 hours and/or completing the day. He told me that taking communion is almsot like a new beggining so Christ's Body and Blood should be the first thi…
  • Having been in bad situations where phycologists talk to you heres a good tip, stay away from some of them! Although im sure theirs alot that have good opinions theirs also alot with bad. Some are heretics and will lead you away from the church clai…
    in Shrinks? Comment by Allen November 2004
  • Lets not forget the miricle of Moakttam (excuse my spelling) where the Coptic Orthodox Church moved a mountain literally and beat other religions in a debate.
  • Correct me if im wrong, but i think our desiers and passions come from our human nature/personality the way we grew up, the people and things we were brought up around and people that influence us have an impact on our desires and passions. Now pass…
  • Sorry but its not fair to say Asian parents are known to be very strict, Asia is the largest continent on the world and holds more then half the worlds population ( about 3/5ths to be exact ) ; its countries range from Russia to Iraq to India to Chi…
  • Heres somethng interesting, I guess we can sum the part about the unrigheous people and demons waiting in Hades, till judgement day. Right? But theirs a 'Word List' at the back of my Bible and as I was looking through it and I read the word "abyss" …
  • :-\ Remind me to never eat chicken nuggets from australia ;)
    in happy eid Comment by Allen August 2004
  • there r 4 heavens but not including St. Mary :-\ what does not including St. Mary mean im not understanding, i thought we were talkin about heavens here? ???
    in The Heavens Comment by Allen August 2004
  • I think the reason you guys think their are 7 heavens is because sometimes they say there are 'several' layers to heaven. But we must remember that in English 'several' does not mean seven it means a few, therefor saying their are several layers to …
    in The Heavens Comment by Allen August 2004
  • Anytime :)
    in ANGELS Comment by Allen August 2004
  • Oh... sorry then, we'll call that one my bad :P
  • ArIpSaLiN i thought you were from Sydney :-\ or at least thats what your profile says, but your last post makes me think texas ? :P
  • Hey unconditional_love I went to the Mississauga festival too ;D sure was fun with all the chicks, ducks, and animals but one duck did his ..... business on me >:(! lol
  • Good luck G.J.I., may God help you write those hard exams. :)
  • Hey PrincessMary, Father Rueiss Awad wrote a great Holy Bible Study on Angels a while ago. I don't know where you could get a copy of it so i'll just write some key factors down for you because luckly I got a copy ;) , ill just quote parts of the t…
    in ANGELS Comment by Allen August 2004
  • The story hasn't reached me yet . . . sounds very interesting, anyone with more information please post it :o
  • Personally I dont think it matters whether you hurt or kill someone in the army or not, I think you'll get punished still the same because God sees no ranks. Wheater your a celebraty, politician, Solider, or whatever, thats just my opinion ::) . .…
    in Jobs Comment by Allen August 2004
  • Very true, but back on the age topic I think age doesnt really matter but the younger you are the less likely its love and the more likely its just someone falling into the decit of lust. Less likely but still not impossible...
  • Looks like a good church :)
  • I got no experience in this ethier :-\ but im guessing that because Lust immitates Love its very hard to distinguish them with bold black and white characteristics. Lust can do a pretty good job imitating Love! So i guess the only way to tell is to …
  • Lets pray that we make it to heaven ;) :P
  • Do you know if we can find this interveiw on the net maybe? Unfortunitly i don't have TBN :(
  • Hey Larry im not new to the troubles of fasting ethier ;) But i reccomend starting off small then going big, I mean for someone still coming into the traditions of the Coptic Orthodox Church it must have been a great effort to even try the month lon…
    in Fasting Comment by Allen August 2004
  • I agree with Mike and Banoub, its a special at peace feeling you get inside of you, almost a heavenly peace. And I think when your doing the right thing and are close to God you'll feel it throughout your day, maybe a few extra rewards or small co-i…
    in Close to god Comment by Allen July 2004
  • I think gay marriage is just another reminder of how 'messed-up' society is. Not only is it disgusting it's just so wrong.
    in Gay Marriages Comment by Allen July 2004