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I was just wondering. How do you know that you are doing the right thing and if god is satisfied with your works. I mean, you can live your entire life doing the wrong thing thinking it was right. So how would you know that you are?


  • You can only do what your conscience tells you is right. That's why it is very important to learn what the Church teaches, to make sure you have a well-informed conscience. Otherwise, you'll be all over the place.

    God won't judge you harshly for following your conviction, just make sure your conviction is True by learning what is Truth, through the Church.
  • Mike is right here. I think there's more to it though. This was a question that was answered by a priest in a sermon once and I feel like it really is the truest, to the point answer you can find. He said that when you're doing things right in your life, and you try to walk with God in all things you do, the Holy Spirit that is put into you time and time again on Sundays (or Wednesdays, or Fridays, you get the point...any day there's a mass) will make you feel completely at peace. Your heart will feel no worry, no stress, and you will be void of doubt of any decision you choose to make.

    "But blessed are those who accept: and belive but have not seen": Make us worthy to believe in You: O our Master, Christ the King.

    - Chris
  • Please, read attachment, and remember my weakness in your prayers
  • I think being true to urself and doing what you truly believe is right in God's eyes
    Look at St. Paul, he was killing Christians, but he truly felt like this is what God wanted from him, and you can tell he truly felt this was the right way because God himself came to him to set him straight, and because God saw that he was looking for the absolute truth, he revealed it to him in the best way
    St. Moses the black was doing wrong, yet he was searching for the true God, he might not have even known what he was doing was wrong, but because he was searching for the true God with all HIS HEART, God showed him his evil ways and he became a huge saint in our church.
    Be honest with God and He will definitely be honest with u
  • i guess the only way to see if wat ur doin is rite is to learn from the best, read saint stories, watch saint movies, imitate their actions (with the guidance of ur confession father ofcourse), read spiritual books, read the BIBLE...

    and ask, tell ur confession father wat u are doin and if its rite, neva be afraid to ask, and neva get angry if the answer doesnt plz u, if some1 tells u, with good authority and reason, that ur doin something wrong, or if they correct u, it may feel embarassing , but u have to thank them and not get angry... they did u a huge favour. oi and im not sayin go around correcting everybody cause, like it says in the holy book, first remove the plank from ur eye so u can see clearly to remove the speck from ur brothers eyes...

    if u do everything u do in love, u cant be doin anything wrong...
    God=love rite? and God is the most powerful being ever rite? that therefore mathematically, love is the strongest thing ever... in corinthians it says to have faith, hope and love, but it also says love is the greater of the 3, therefore in everything u do, do it out of love and u cant go wrong.
  • im sorry i think i went a bit off topic
  • I agree with Mike and Banoub, its a special at peace feeling you get inside of you, almost a heavenly peace. And I think when your doing the right thing and are close to God you'll feel it throughout your day, maybe a few extra rewards or small co-incedinces in your favor throughout your day its hard to explain but anyone get what i mean :-\?
  • yea but the thing is you don't always feel that when you're doing the right thing and you get worried that you're doing something wrong. ???
  • If it feels wrong, it probably is...
  • mark short but sweet, words of wisdom
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