happy eid

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Just wanted to say Happy St. Mary's Feast everyone
yay MEAT AGAIN i mean....


  • Lol, yeah, Happy Saint Mary's Feast. No more fool everyone!!
  • speaking of fool i have a dish right next to me anyone wants some. ;)
  • I personally like St. Mary's fast cuz it's goes by quickly and u can eat fish! ( although some ppls dont) but yea, happy St. Mary's feast
  • I hate fish, i hate seafood PERIOD :-X
  • I think the fast was too short..or maybe its just me..it went by way too quickly... : I like St Mary's fast the most..i think they should make it longer and shorten the apostles fast ::)
    who cares about meat...chocolate rules ;)

    kol sana wentou tayebeen
  • anyone for mcdonalds??
  • aaaaaaaaaa chicken nuggets ;D
  • PIZZA!!!


  • i was thinking the same excat thing this morning that is why i had pizza for BREAKFAST man that was yummy first thing in the morning forget milk and all that healthy stuff ;D
  • lol. Nah, I actually eat normal, I had cereal this morning for breakfast, although, pizza for breakfast is pretty good....lol

  • O ya PIZZA is healthy too.. LOL in our opinion.. ;) ;D
    Kole Sana wento tayebeen
  • now u r talking MY language ;D
  • once i had pizza early in the morning and i went school and i kept burping it out....mannn it smelled bad :-X
    lol ;D
    i like to eat ice cream from mcdonalds :P...(had to say that)

    aaaaaaaaaa chicken nuggets ;D

    in australia,, at mcdonalds the chicken nuggets are yumm tooo BUT it isnt really chicken its all the fat and leftover things from a chicken all mushed together...even a bit of bones :-X
    i have only tried it once ;D...pretty gross ey?...yum ;D

    soz if ya freaked out :P
  • :-\ Remind me to never eat chicken nuggets from australia ;)
  • me too it looks ewww!!! Lol :-X
  • its tasty ;D

    jkz....well it actually is no jk :P

    Remind me to never eat chicken nuggets from australia

    sure can do
    but.......u coming?? [glow=red,2,300]:P[/glow]
  • i worked at mcdonalds for 2 years and all i did all day long when there was no costumers is eat chicken nuggets, so chicken nuggets here in columbus are GOOD ;)
  • LOL, thats what i always do (i work at a resto 8))
  • Guys, call me weird, but I'm no chicken nugget fan. I'll eat them, but they're not one of my top ten favorite foods. :-\

  • ok weird as requested by you :P
  • Yea, I guess your right :P

  • ooo
    u guys dunno nuthin bout maccas in oz (we call mcdonalds..maccas)
    once sum1 found a spider in the icecream wen they were eating it.....hahahahaha
    too bad i eat a icecream everyday from maccas after school :P

    im not jokin.....and theres heaps more stories....
  • Well yea, but it isn't all of them, and who knows, if it's destined for us, it will happen regardless.

  • yeah, i suddenly remember someone working at the mcdo, and he always, well never mind its too gross lol :-X
  • wats groce??
    its gross

    lol ;D
  • you guys already decided peace without me???
  • wazzie....wat u on about??...lost child :P

    wat happened at maccas hos irof??

    i d like to know..... :P
    yum maccas.... :P
  • What happened?? TELL US, TELL US, TELL US!!! Don't worry we're egyptians, there aren't many gross things in the world that we haven't done!! Oh yea btw, for all the australians up in here, I love your accents guys!! Btw, where do you guys live and what churches do you guys go to, because my cousins live in Australia and I might go visit them. Hos Irof, that doesn't mean I changed the topic, I still want to know what the kid does!! I love nasty stuff!! :P

    :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) ??? ::) :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(
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