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guys i thought it would be a good idea, to make a thread, on stories and appearations of the saints, that wood be able to convince non-believers, things we can use as evidance, eg, when st mary appeared in egypt in el zeitun, if anyone could provide clips of such events that wood be awsoome...


  • wow thnx thats sooooooooo kool!!!!!!! ;)

    another website u can see videos of the virgins appearations,
    my dad was acctually there that nite, they closed all the electrcity in that area apparently and she appeared, does any1 havv any more detail.. on this event or any others...
  • come on guys a little help plz...
  • Does anyone have pics or videos from the appearations of St Mary in Assuit a couple of years ago. I was there and i saw everything but i dont know if/where there's pics of this... :-\
  • oh also check this 1 has links to other sites as well
  • thnx so much for that link to the assiut pics Mary :D
  • you are welcome ..anytime... :)
  • wow princess, ur reallly resourceful, were lucky to have u on this site!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
  • i head that there were actuall videos of st marys appearations in zeitun, does any1 know where to find them?
  • thx C.G.I ...well actually im the one who is lucky to have all of you on this site, its a great blessing, i learn a lot

    also...about saints apparitions
    a couple of months ago..they got on tv, i think on EWTN..christian channel or something..cant remember..the film, "OUR LADY OF FATIMA"..its really tells you the story about when St. Mary appears to 3 little children, Lucia, Francisco, & Jucinta, in Fatima..1917, but no one really sees St. Mary when she appears to these children..only they could see the people of Fatima did not believe the, St. Mary promised them that she would do a miracle so that the people would believe, and then 1 day she kept her promise and 70,000 people gathered that day with the children &...the sun moved..and many miracles happened on that day
  • does any one know of any other miricles or appearations, even miricle that hapned to saints themselves, i have one that really touched me.

    abouna Mikhail Ibrahim, before he was a priest, was shamas azeem (a mighty deacon), thats the best way to describe it, he was at church serving as a deacon in a mass, and then he was called out side, so he came out and a messeger told him that his son had been run ova bye a carriage, and that he was dead, howeva this holy man grieved, and turned to go bak into the the church, the messenger said to him "wat are u doing didnt u hear me ur son is dead!" the blessed man turned and said, "i cant leave the mass" the messenger said, "i tell u ur son is dead and u say u cant leave the mass", abouna Mikhail said, " theres nothing i can do, the LOrd will console me wen im before him."

    the messanger was amazed.

    after the mass the blessed man came out and his son ran to greet him, he was amazed, they said to him that he was dead, and then it was a miricle he was made well. the blessed man said "blessed be the name of the LOrd"

    this story touched me soo much as this man wouldnt leave the church, its really beautiful, i recomened his story.

    if anyone has anything like it plz share it, its a blessed, and its stories like these that really impact our lives.
  • Wow George, thank you so much for sharing that story with us. You're right, it is so touching and beautiful to see someone that attached to the church. And it shows that God never forgets his people. Thanks again for sharing it. Sorry, I can't think of any touching stories, but come on everybody else, I'm sure someone has something.
  • i once heard a wonderfull story that prooves that the Body and BLood in the Liturgy is really the true Body and Blood of our Lord:

    There was a priest (cant remember who) who was doing the mass as normal. Then during the Fraction people heard a crying sound coming out of the heikal. The sound actually came from the body that was being torn into pieces during the fraction. Then the whole seneeya (whats that in english; plate? ???) was filled with blood from the body, and the priest took the plate and poured the blood into the chalice. Its so amazing...i think there was also a tape with the sound becaause the mas was being taped :)
  • I've heard of something similar to that story too. Wow, there's a tape with the sound on it? Do you know which church it is and where?
  • No, unfortunately not, but i heard Muallim Ibrahim was praying the mass with the priest, i'll try and find out where it was :)
  • Thanks Hos irof, God Bless You.
  • Lets not forget the miricle of Moakttam (excuse my spelling) where the Coptic Orthodox Church moved a mountain literally and beat other religions in a debate.
  • I've got a really crazy story...This acually happened in BERGEN! so if you guys know Aboona Dawood or aboona Sorial u cna always ask them about it......there was a lady who was lyk a scientist or sumthing and she was curious about the whole communion thing so she decided one day to attend the church and take communion. When it was time for her to eat the body, she put it into her mouth then spit it back out into the lefafah thingie and stuck it in her purse. When she got home she decided to look @ it under a microscope to see if that piece of qorban had turned into the body of soon as she looked inside the microscope a great light came out and blinded her....the lady is still blind to this day and she converted into the Orthodox religion! HOW AWESOME is that? What more proof?? lolx...i luv God so much ;D

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • wow awsome story,
    if u guys want to be touched to tears, like i said b4 the video of Abouna Mikhial Ibrahim is the way to go...

    another touching story from this holy man:
    b4 he became a priest 2 of his children were terribly ill, so he and his wife were looking after the children at nite, they were all on the same bed, then the mum woke up and realized that the children werent responding, so she woke the holy man and the realized the children had passed away. the mum broke down in tears, but the holy man said: "blessed be the name of the Lord, the Lord has giveth and the Lord hath taketh away, Glory be to God"
    this same sorta event hapned another 2 times, when his eldest son died and wen his wife died, he was alwaz strong and thanked GOd, he would alwaz comfort others rather than need to be comforted, he would alwaz say "how lucky are they, that they are siting in the bosom of Christ" and he would say "we should be joyful as now we have beloved family members in heaven continually praying for us."

    may we learn from this blessed man, and use him as an example, that we may alwaz be thankful.
  • Thats acually quite amazing...and also if any of u kno the story behind AMBA MAKARIOUS of GENA....and how he died during the mass and despite the fact that the orbana should have fell on the floor with him it just kinda lifted itself 2 the altar, not lifted but u kno...if u saw the tape u'd get wut i'm saying...thats so amazing...may his blessings be with us all.....

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • another touching story from the same blessed man,
    he, b4 he became a priest would alwaz care for the poor, he wood walk past some one cold and take off his jacket and give it to them,he wood invite homeless ppl into his house and feed them, and if he couldnt invite them into he house , he would sleep on the cold floor, and his wife wood ask him why and hed respond , that his poor brother is sleeping in the cold, am i better than he??
    wen he became a priest and something of his would get stolen, he wood respond with so much love, he would tell his wife wen asked wat hapned to his clothes, that "dont worry about it, someone was cold and he took it, some one was bear foot and he took it"
    this blessed man was soo simple and soo innocent.

    another time a child was confesing to him and he told him he stole something, so he being an old man insisted on doin 500 mataneyas with the child.

    another time a kid kept runing bak and forth in the alter, so he shouted at him, after the mass be in his old age knelt and did a matanya before the small boy, wen asked wat he was doin by a senior deacon he responded, that wen he was praying he saw an angel in front of him taking up the prayers of the ppl, and wen he shouted the angel vanished.

    there are many other stories about this great man, that if u want i can share with u, but thats enough for now, if u managed to read all that GBU im sorry i was trying to translate from arabic...
  • not that i can read arabic, but the video is in arabic...

    another story about Abouna Mikhiel Ibrahim:
    before he became a priest he was goin to pick up his suit from the dry cleaners, as it had been delayed,
    wen he went to pick it up the cleaner told him in fear of his reaction that it had been stolen, and that he wanted to pay for it, but the blessed man turned to him and asked, "when it was stolen was it before or after you ironed it" the man replied "after."
    then the blessed man said "take the money for ur labour"
    the cleaner was amazed he told him that how could he offer to pay after it had been stolen after his care, Mikhial responded that it was only right that he should be paid for his work...

    this is the kind of love and peace and simplicity this man showed, it teaches us that if we live a life close to God, it reflects on our lives and helps us to act in peaceful and loving ways, so that we may touch all those around us, and preach by Example, this blessed man was not a preacher or a writer, although as Pope shenuda said, he built the faith in everyone around him.
  • If you guys want to hear real miracles, emphasis on REAL, then holler me a request. Otherwise, you may continue about the sights of Saints which people of have said. Arhmm...i repeated SAID.
  • People have SAID it, because it's true. Me, personally, i've seen the Virgin Mary appear in Asuit in Egypt, and many many copts/muslims have seen her, thousands of people have, so don't start telling me that all these people are crazy...Jesus is alive, and is glorified through His saints...we all hope he will shine with his light in your hart as well.


  • guys plz lets not turn this thread into a fight, were discussing holy things, i dont want it to end up bein locked.
  • plz guys lets get bak on topic, oes anyone else have any more stories, cause im full of them, but im sure u guys are sick of hearing me babble so ill leave it to someone else.
  • My friends mom had cancer and I think she couldnt bare children and one night she started talking to a picture of St. Mary and Pope Kyrillos the 6th and she got so angry she threw something @ the picture and it broke....that night she had a dream where both of the holy saints came to her ....the next day she went for her daily chemotherapy appointment and the doctors told her that the cancer had fully escaped from her body which is sumthing that never happens this fast.....and on March 9....which is the date of departure of Pope Kyrillos, she concieved her 1st child....

    GOD BLESS ALL ! :-*
  • wow thats awsome!!!!!!!!
    thnx for sharing that, that was beautiful
    GBU alot
    i have a stroy bout my birth as well but its nowhere near that good.
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