Today's Top Downloads

1. That I may bless You at all times
    Liturgy of St. Cyril - Great Lent 1992 - Fr. Sawirus Markos
2. Praxis Response - مرد الإبركسيس
    Lazarus Saturday Hymns - Wagdi Bishara
3. Ke eperto
    Holy Week Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
4. 1st Gospel Response - Front of the Altar - الإنجيل الأول - أمام المذبح
    Palm Sunday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
5. Evlogimenos - إفلوجيمينوس
    Palm Sunday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
6. 1st Liturgy Psalm - Singari Tune - مزمور القداس الأول - اللحن السنجاري
    Palm Sunday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
7. Psalm - Singari
    The Feast of the Resurrection & the Holy Fifties - Ibrahim Ayad
8. Second Doxology - الذكصولوجية الثانية
    Lazarus Saturday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
9. 1st Gospel Response - مرد الإنجيل الأول
    Palm Sunday Hymns - Ibrahim Ayad
10. Psalm 150 - Great - المزمور الـ 150 - الكبير
    St. Basil Liturgy - Kiahk - Fr. Antonious Tanios & Seraphim Chorus

Holy Pascha Week

Wednesday, April 10th 2019

"He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification." Romans 4:25
The & team would like to wish you all a blessed Holy Week. May the Lord grant us all the grace to gather for ourselves a spiritual treasure during this holiest time of the year. We would like to share with you the latest on our websites relating to Holy Week.

Live Broadcasts We will be broadcasting Holy Week Services live in both video and audio. This includes Palm Sunday, weekday services, Good Thursday, Good Friday, Bright Saturday, and Resurrection Liturgy.

Holy Pascha and Bright Saturday Books
Holy Pascha Book: Order now to get in time for pascha week. E-book available for purchase as well.
Bright Saturday Book: Newly released. Order now. E-book available as well.

Holy Week Hymns
We would also like to remind you of the huge amount of hymns that are available for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Bright Saturday and the Feast of Resurrection.


The Blessed Advent Fast

Tuesday, November 27th 2018

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God ... and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth" (John 1:1, 14, NKJV). 

As we approach the blessed period of the Coptic month of Kiahk, we would like to wish you a blessed and true fast as we prepare ourselves to receive the Logos of God incarnate. Since this period of our liturgical year is known for its many praises and hymns unlike any other period as we approach the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, we would like to remind you of some related resources:
We have also found that a committee was developed by the holy Synod, led by H.G. Bishop Makari, General Bishop of South Shobra, and the involvement of many well-known priests and cantors in the Church for the main goal of unifying the sources of Kiahk hymns. This committee has already met twice (on October 31 and November 3) and has chosen the sources for the following:
  • Nie;noc Tyrou
    • C. Mikhail El-Batanouni and C. Farag Abdel-Maseih
  • “Alli El-‘asr” - Alleluia of Vespers, Allylouia Pi`wou Va
    • C. Mikhail El-Batanouni and C. Farag Abdel-Maseih
  • `Areten;wn], 8th Part of the Saturday Theotokia
    • HICS (Higher Institute of Coptic Studies)
  • Kiahk Sherat, Saturday Theotokia Lobsh
    • C. Farag Abdel-Maseih
  • The Great Watos Commentary, Saturday Vespers Praise
    • C. Farag Abdel-Maseih for the Introduction
    • Constructing (tarkeep) the commentary parts according to Archdeacon Fahim Girgis
  • Psali Watos for Saturday Vespers Praise `Amwini Tyrou
    • Archdeacon Fahim Girgis
  • Saturday Theotokia in Kiahk Tune
    • C. Farag Abdel-Maseih and Archdeacon Fahim Girgis
  • Explanations of the Saturday Theotokia
    • Archdeacon Fahim Girgis in which the paragraph before last be elevated in pitch
    • All explanations may be constructed as it was agreed upon by C. Ibrahim Ayad and C. Gad Lewis
  • “Alli Nos El-lil” - Alleluia of Midnight
    • C. Mikhail El-Batanouni and C. Farag Abdel-Maseih
  • The Great Kiahk Hoos and its Alleluia
    • C. Mikhail El-Batanouni
  • Great Teoi `nhikanoc, 10th part of the Sunday Theotokia
    • C. Mikhail El-Batanouni
  • Tenen & Euhwc
    • C. Farag Abdel-Maseih and other cantors with the consideration of the set of ornaments (hazzat) on the first word repeat twice and not three times
  • Great `Ebolhiten
    • C. Tawfik Youssef
  • Conclusion of the Commentary for the Saintly Laborers, P=,=c Pencwtyr
    • C. Tawfik Youssef
  • Tenoueh `ncwk
    • Archdeacon Fahim Girgis
  • Sunday Theotokia Explanations
    • To be chanted in the annual theotokia tune or according to C. Tawfik Youssef recordings
  • Kiahk Psalies
    • Adam Psalies are to be chanted in the tune of Amen Alleluia (Adam Hymn after the Hoos - Agios O Theo’s)
    • Watos Psalies are to be chanted in the tune of The Burning Bush (Watos Hymn (Psali) for Thursday)
  • The Kiahk Psalm, Cwtem Taseri
    • C. Farag Abdel-Maseih and Archdeacon Fahim Girgis
  •  “Alli El-tawzi’” – Alleluia of the Distribution, and Psalm 150
    • Archdeacon Fahim Girgis
  • Je `F`cmarwout in Kiahk Tune and `Fem`psa Gar for Sundays
    • HICS (Higher Institute of Coptic Studies)
  • Kiahk Aspasmoses
    •  Adam - C. Ibrahim Ayad
    • Watos - C. Gad Lewis
  • Je `F`cmarwout in Kiahk Tune and }par;enoc for Weekdays
    • C. Tawfik Youssef
    • Comment: It is a traditional hymn that should be kept and chanted during prayers and hymns competitions

The following were mentioned to be present at the meetings: 
  • H.G. Bishop Makari, General Bishop of South Shobra (Committee Head)
  • Hegumen Isaiah El-Muharraqi, St. Mary’s Monastery of El-Muharraq
  • Fr. Youannis Halim, Youth Bishopric Hymn Board
  • Fr. Angelos Ishaak, HICS Hymns & Music Department
  • Mr. Michelle Badee Abdel-Malik, Head of HICS, Hymns & Music Department
  • Cantor Ibrahim Ayad, Teacher at Didymus Institute for Chanters and the Clerical School
  • Cantor Gad Lewis, Teacher at Didymus Institute for Chanters and HICS
  • Cantor Todari Anwar, Teacher at Didymus Institute for Chanters
  • Cantor Milad Nadi, Teacher at Didymus Institute for Chanters
  • Cantor Magdy Bekhit, Teacher at Didymus Institute for Chanters
  • Cantor Youssef Ayoub, Association (Rabetat) of Chanters in Cairo
  • Cantor Rida Barsoum, Teacher at HICS Hymns & Music Department and the Clerical School
  • Deacon Beshara Nader Attia, Secretary of Youth Bishopric Hymn Board

Fast of St. Mary

Friday, August 10th 2018

The Coptic Church venerates St. Mary as the "Theotokos,", the Mother of God, whom the Divine Grace chose to bear the Word of God in her womb by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35). Since she is considered to be the exemplary member in the church, and the interceding mother on behalf of her spiritual children, she is exalted above heavenly and earthly creatures. Therefore, the church does not cease glorifying (blessing) her, and celebrating her feasts in order that we imitate her and ask her intercessions on our behalf.

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