Egyptian festival

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Hello for all of you who might be interested the church in columbus ohio is having a church festival on aug 27-29 and here are the flyers try to make it over here its usually a lot of fun


  • can i come too? ;D
  • haha sure if you feel like flying all over the world sure be our guest
  • well, if u dotn want to fly across the world the egyptian festival for my church : Virgin mary and Saint Pachomious church here in upstate, NY is having our egyptian festival on the weekend of August 27th, 28th and 29th.... ill get a flyer and if i cant post it il at least post all the information..i myself wont be able to attend because i'll be in California but hopefully some of you living here in jesrey n New york can come by and tell me how it was lol... ill post more info once i get it...
  • hmmm some competition now both churches are having it on the same weekend :D
  • lol, i jsut thought id share because epople were talking about distance and t seems that amny here on the site live iwtinh the new york/new jersey/sonnecticut area so it would be easier if they really wanted to attend an egytpian festival... sorry i dditn mean to make competition..jsut tryin give people an alternative cuz fo the distances..

    Salam we maheba..

  • don't take me so serious its all good for your church to have a festival or my church have a festival we all still under the same church
    but still MIDWEST churches ROCK ;D
  • lol..ok.. :)
  • aww man...I wanted to go :'(
  • hey we had an egyptian festival here in Ontario, Canada too..

    in Mississauga.. and the safeera came.. it was SO much fun!!

    it went for liek a week.

    Enjoy yours!
  • well im in Oz if ya didnt guess....
    soz, cant come :P....i was sure u guys were to but thnx aniwaizz :P
    GBU....n i hope u have a good tym at the Egyptian Festivalzz.... ;D
    BYeEe ;) ;)
  • heres the flyer for the mar'ad (egyptian festival) in upstate... Virgin Mary and St. Pacomious COC... Abouna Yacoub Ghaly
  • Hey unconditional_love I went to the Mississauga festival too ;D sure was fun with all the chicks, ducks, and animals but one duck did his ..... business on me >:(! lol
  • allen, chiks ey?
    nah coz i thought u meant
    chikenz hahahaha

    is there any one here from texas??
    i have sumfin to sai:

    the stars at night are big and bright in the land that we call TEXAS....

    its a song ;D....u guys noe it?..
    howdy cowboiz ;D
  • ArIpSaLiN i thought you were from Sydney :-\ or at least thats what your profile says, but your last post makes me think texas ? :P
  • lol
    i am from sydney
    im a knowledgable person i know america, y cant i say sumfin for texas??
    i got it from a movie, its a song and its stuck in my head

    i usually hav hymns stuck in my head ;D
    but that texas song is hilarious ;D
  • Oh... sorry then, we'll call that one my bad :P
  • nah m8 its all gooood :P
  • Just curious, what movie ? And I'm guessing you like to sing (aripsalin) or do I have the wrong word and I'm just embarrassing myself trying to guess...... :-\ ;)
  • i dont like singing anymor EXCEPT hymns and church stuff onli

    the song is from 'head of state'
    very hectic movie....i reccomend it to ya :P ;) ;D

  • Well, yeah, that's what I meant, singing hymns and stuff.....
    Head of State? Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting..... ;)
  • isnt that the movie with the one dude running to be President?! that was a weird offense Aripsalin
  • the one with Chris Rock and Bernie Mac!! ;D
    its a hectic movie ;)
    its soooooooooooooooo hilarious ;)
    yep SisterInChrist....the prsident movie...
    im not offended, we all hav different taste in this worldly stuff :P...o its bad to watch movies.... :P
    jokin...but sumtimes it is :o
    lets not get into this topic its great! ;D

    i really really really really like watching saint movies :P :P
  • im gonna remidn anyone here in the north eat U.S.----we're having the egyptian festival here in Spring Valley, NY this weekedn! i wont be around (goin to cali) but u'll enjoy it anyway!! im posting one more flyer ... last reminder!!!
  • [quote author=youst718 link=board=1;threadid=542;start=15#msg9530 date=1093538742]
    im gonna remidn anyone here in the north eat U.S.----we're having ......................

    north eat U.S???
    lol ;D
    u cant spell jokess

    can i come??
  • nope you are forbbien to come either to the nj festival or the columbus festival :P
  • boo hooo :'(
    but yey!!
    like i wanna c ur face...wasim?!?!
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