The Heavens

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there are apparently 7 heavens, what are they? how are they different? what do we know about them?

if st Paul went to the 3rd heaven what does it mean?



  • Hi
    According to H.G. Anba Moussa, bishop of the youth, in His book YOUTH CONCERNS: questions and answers
    how many heavens are there, he says:
    In the Bible we read that there are three heavens, as well as the heavens of heavens where Jesus is. The first heaven is the heaven of th birds, or the sky, the second is the galaxy of the planets and stars, the thris heaven is paradise which St. Paul the apostle saw and proclaimed, when he returned he saw things taht can not be described in words. This is also the place where the righteous souls are awaiting the day of judgement. The fourth heaven is the heaven of heavens; heavenly jerusalem, to this place righteuos souls will proceed to on teh day of resurrection
  • So there are four heavens total? Or 3?
  • im pretty sure there was 7 heavens does any 1 know??
  • No its 4 like stated before, the 7 heavens thing came from the muslims i believe, they believe in the 7 heavens.
  • I always thought it was seven. :-X
  • we only believe in three heavens
    1. The sky we see
    2. out of space
    3. where God dwells

    The muslims believe in 7 heavens but we dont... i heard this in a couple of sermons and anba mousa does talk about only 3 heavens
  • Actually it's 4

    the third is the Paradise, the fourth is the Heaven of Heavens, the Throne of God. I really think anba Moussa was talking about four, but maybe it's my mistake ;)
  • maybe it was my mistake... u may be right... srry
  • I think the reason you guys think their are 7 heavens is because sometimes they say there are 'several' layers to heaven. But we must remember that in English 'several' does not mean seven it means a few, therefor saying their are several layers to heaven works with our belief of 4 Heavens that the Bibles speaks of. The term 'several' used to be confusing for me too untill someone straitend it out for me :)
  • there r 4 heavens but not including St. Mary
    v 1st heaven: atmosphere surrounding the earth where the airplanes and birds fly “They fly away like an eagle toward heaven” Proverbs 23:5

    v 2nd heaven: Solar system where the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies, and all the planets exist.

    v 3rd heaven: Paradise- St. Paul mentioned that he was caught up in this heaven (2 Corinthians 12:2)

    v Above all these three heavens there is the “heaven of heavens.”

    someone looked it up for me
  • there r 4 heavens but not including St. Mary

    :-\ what does not including St. Mary mean im not understanding, i thought we were talkin about heavens here? ???
  • Saint Mary has her own rank in heaven and in the Pope's book he talks about her as a heaven but not in litteral terms... shes just Glorified above all
  • In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and the Holy Spirit +. Amen.

    Ancient peoples believed the universe had many layers. Among the Jews some said there were 7, others said 3. If we realize that these 2 numbers have profound biblical significance we will understand the unique experiences St. Paul had. The number 7 means perfection and only God is perfect thus it pertains to God. This is why the anti-Christ or the devil's number is 666 since he is the fake "god: 7-1= 6, thus not perfect.
    The key here is to remember that the 3 symbolizes the Holy Trinity and 7 perfection. Thus St Paul had real mystical experiences ad they were by God not demons (666).

    We must also take into context what St Paul was saying to the Corinthian community there. He was responding to false apostles who were spreading false doctrine, causing division in the Church there and criticizing his true Apostolic authority. He tells them that a life of true holiness and charity is an important sign of true apostleship. They counter with mystical visions of their own so St Paul shares his own (2 Cor.12:1-6). The numerical symbolism of the 3rd heaven is his way of demonstrating the origin of his visions compared to the demon-induced ones of the false apostles. The focus of a true Apostle is not on himself but on Christ thus showing humilty.

    St John Chrysostom says," It is obvious that Paul was talking about himself, but he says this in order to show that it does not matter to him in the slightest. He would prefer not to talk about it at all."
    - Homilies on the Epistles of Paul to the Corinthians 26.2

    I hope this helped... ;D!
  • St John Chrysostom says," It is obvious that Paul was talking about himself, but he says this in order to show that it does not matter to him in the slightest. He would prefer not to talk about it at all."

    honestly, i dont full understand this quote, what is meant by;he was talking about himself??? that he was a heaven becoz the was filled by the Holy Spirit and thats why his doctrines were sound?? or am i mistaking ???
  • In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and the Holy Spirit+ . Amen.

    It means St. Paul was really speaking about himself. He was the man who had these mystical visions in 2 Corinthians. Paul didn;t let these Holy Experiences get to his head (become conceited) but thank God and humbly put them aside as to not puff himself with pride like the false apostles in the Corinthian church were doing. This is nuthin new since people today do the same thing to prove they are "prophets" with new teachings from God. St Paul sharesd about his Apostolic credentials and living a holy life as signs of true Apostleship.

    Hope this clarified it :).
  • as for how many heavens there are, I'm clueless. Paradise (I think, and any1 feel free to correct me) is the waiting place for the righteous ppl.
  • + The Third Heaven is called Paradise. It is the waiting place for the righteous people after they departed from this world. There they are resting and awaiting the general resurrection at the end of the age, when everyone will appear before the throne of Christ to be judged of whatever they have done in the flesh good or evil.
    It is the Paradise that the Lord opened it after He descended to Hades to raise the righteous people who reposed on the hope of resurrection. And the same Paradise that the Lord promised the right thief to be in it on the same day after professing the belief in the Lord Christ.

    + The Heaven of Heavens, where is the Throne of God.
  • there are three heavens?? ???...right?? ???

  • Three Heavens + the Heaven of Heavens ( the Throne of God ).
  • I asked my dad and he said that there are 4 heavens THAT god has TOLD us about. there might be more never know. paul told us there is
    1. The Sky
    2. After Space
    3. Pardise
    4. HEAVEN OF HEAVEN(the king of all heavens)
  • we'll jus have 2 wait an c lol :P
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