Preparing Before Communion

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i ahve a few things to say about this:

+ are we allowed to brush our teeth b4 communion, becoz i dont

+ are we allowed to swallow? ya it sounds weird but its true the saliva goes into ur stomach b4 communion does

+ how many hours shoudl we fast?

+ y does the other abouna serving with the abouna who is preparing the body take his communion on the consecrated spoon?

hope you guys can answer my questions



  • Well I don't think you should brush your teeth but I don't know if it's wrong. Yes, saliva is constantly in your stomach anyway and even without swallowing it goes down. You can't eat for nine hours. I don't know the last thing..sorry. God bless.
  • u can't brush ur teeth :o???
    why not, i mean it's not a disaster if u accidently swallow two drops of water i suppose ???

    it's for sure ok to swallow because this is fluids that are originally from ur body, so u don't swallow anything from outside which would break ur fast.
  • 1) Unless you're eating the tooth paste (I don't think you are), you can brush your teeth.
    2) Like Hos erof said, nothing from outside is entering your body, so it’s fine to swallow your saliva. It’s an involuntary reaction anyway. Try to go 10 mins without doing it; impossible... (Random fact: You swallow your saliva several hundred times every night while sleeping)
    3) Servant of Jesus was right. I believe its 9 hours.
    4) No idea what you're talking about on this one. In my church Abouna uses the same spoon that I do.
  • lol, i love ur new signature Mark ;D
  • I can't not brush my teeth :( I throw up when i don't.
  • Great facts, and yes nine hours... for the nine hours our lord suffered. Brushing your teeth, it depends what you want to do, you wont go to hell for brushing your teeth, and accidentally swallow a drop or two. If you don’t feel like its okay then don’t do it. I think the priest takes the body off the spoon, because of his priesthood, he has to use something to pick up the body, because a priest cant give communion to another by the hand... okay that didn’t make sense, but I will search it up, and get you the exact answer... sorry for the confusion
  • I'd also like to add that when I asked my preist about the fasting before communion he told me it's 9 hours and/or completing the day. He told me that taking communion is almsot like a new beggining so Christ's Body and Blood should be the first thing to enter you. So for example if I knew i was taking communion at let's say..... 12 noon time id still have to fast from 1:00am because as you all know the new day stays at 1:00am. You end up fasting alot more but that's what my priest taught me :P.
  • ok thnax guys but i still need the answer for when the other priest eats his piece of communion wiht the spoon


  • Mr. Coptic Orthox,
    Priests of the same Rank (even Hegamns and priests) are not allowed to give each other communion. You will not see them give each other The Blood either. Same thing with Bishops, if two bishops are praying a liturgy together, they do the same thing. But a bishop will give communion to a priest. I think the reason behind that is a We need a priest to adminster the mysrties of the church. But a priest does not need anotherone to adminster to him. Bishoy was right.
    Here is an interesting fact. The Pope will not give communion to Bishops (since he is a bishop like them) he will put the body on the spoon and they eat it and they take the chalece from his hand and drink.

    As for your other questions, God is not sitting up with a notebook (or in modern days, a computer) taking notes on how many times you swallowed your saliva, or how many drops of water did you accdently swallow while brushing your teeth or even you fasted only 8 hours and 50 min. Its all about readiness of the heart. These are just reminders (just like the ones that say, don't spit after communion, don't walk barefooted, don't get hurt so you bleed, etc...) these are all reminders of what we should be doing before and after commuion. Just my thoughts.
  • These are just reminders (just like the ones that say, don't spit after communion, don't walk barefooted, don't get hurt so you bleed, etc...) these are all reminders of what we should be doing before and after commuion. Just my thoughts.

    great points there, is this also the reason why women in their period can't have communion, because there's blood running out of their bodies?

    and uhm, why cant we walk barefooted?? ???
  • so that you don't get like glass in your foot or something and then start bleeding. God forbid.
  • [quote author=Hos Erof link=board=1;threadid=976;start=0#msg17095 date=1104706738]
    and uhm, why cant we walk barefooted?? ???

    hahahaha, my mom used to tell me that all the time. Its not really about being barefoot. It's just that when you are barefoot you have a greater chance of stepping on somthing, which might cause you to bleed, and as you mentioned, you can't be bleeding. Thats all there is to it.
  • lol ok, so why not wear gloves when slicing onions for the foul ::)

    btw, what about cutting hair and nails after communion???
  • i dont think it matters although
    i wouldnt just for the heck of it
    only bc i get paranoid when i brush my teeth caus
    im almost waiting to see if i swallow it then i go ballistic
    its very stressful lol who knew?
  • ya i guees
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