Miracle in Egypt!!!!

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Hey guys,
I just heard about a really beautiful thing thats happened and i was wondering if anyone knows anymore details about it because by now theres probably a thousand different exaggerated stories. I'm sure most of you have heard about the massacre in the Egyptian town of El- Koshe(-excuse my spelling-) four years ago on the millenium. When Christians were praying in church on the New Years of 2000 and muslims came and murder around 20 - 25 people. There wasnt even a very fair trial to compenstae the families of those martyrs because Egypt is pretty much a muslim theocracy. Well i just heard that recently a mysterious fire came from the sky and burned the houses of the muslims that committed the murders to the ground. if anyone knows anymore can they please share.


  • i haven't heard anything but i am sure that could happen but why 4 years later though??
  • if it is true, does it matter when they got punished as long as they did?

    i just looked copts.com, and there was nothing there. they usually have all the updated info. ill look again though.
  • Hi All
    Sorry guys but I am not happy about the way we started to think. I always believe that do not face the evil with evil, even if you did the feeling and not the action. Pls guys keep in front of you what Jesus did on the cross when he had forgiven the people that they want to crossified him. Do not let the harm of the others,even if they hurt you before, give you a victory sign. Remember, Christianty spread all over the world with world and not the sword. I hope you got what I mean.
  • wat, im confused (hence the name ;)) so its wrong that we r happy that God got revenge for us?!
  • i guess what Mircale is saying that we should be more loving for other than happy that they died
    as the Bible says Love your enemies
    mircale i have to hand you this one you got us on that one ::)
  • i agree. but i dont hate them either. im just happy that something happened to them (if anything did) to revenge our brothers and sisters and to show that our religion is the true religion. get wat i mean?
  • That 's great guys, Wasim got what i meant. Our power is in the cross. Through our weakness God sterngth will show. I always had this idea in the past, that we need to show our muscles and scare others but i am changing this idea as i found human power is nothing compare to what the Mighty God can do.
  • i agree, but if this is miracle did happen, then it definately is not human.
  • i 'll be more happy and feel a real mircale if those people know Jesus Christ.
  • yea, all we could do is pray and hope
  • Abouna George in my church just told us about it in his wa3za and i called my family in Egypt so i found out exactly what happened. well it was balls of fire that destroyed 147 *muslim* houses. i guess the fire didnt feel like burning the christian houses so it just skipped over them. lol. Iriny (ServantofJesus) can give you conformation.
  • yea i heard that story to at my church MAD!!!

  • i never herd that story be4

    ~*da queen*~
  • I didn't really hear that story before...very intresting...

  • The story hasn't reached me yet . . . sounds very interesting, anyone with more information please post it :o
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