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  • It was actually dated 130-170 AD. Judas was dead before then.
  • According to carbon-dating the document is 130-170 AD. Judas killed himself before the crucifixion. We know this because the Gospels tell us this (all four Evangelists wouldn't lie.) I read the gospel of Judas (English translantion). It's short and…
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=13;threadid=3642;start=0#msg52565 date=1144980706] "..i don't think anything worse than that could happen.." but is it true tho? GBU sandra [/quote] Far worse things could happen. It's good that you're still…
  • Yes, all my priests use the word lent as well. It's not like its a bad word or anything. They use "The Great Fast" as well. btw, Holy Weeks starts the night of Palm Sunday after the general funeral.
    in lent! Comment by StVictor April 2006
  • The first set of clues corresponds to the book of Daniel. The second set of clues corresponds to the book of 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy. The third set of clues corresponds to the book of Jeremiah. The fourth set of clues corresponds to the book of E…
  • [quote author=CopticChica21 link=board=11;threadid=3616;start=0#msg52198 date=1144507355] Situation 1 K, so you ask your mom for some money because you saw this new outfit that you HAVE TO HAVE TO have. your mom says no. u and [b]ur friends go ou…
  • Sorry off topic, but socoolbishoy, I have never seen any quote superman, lol.
  • These are the greatest Last Supper pictures I have ever seen. They are beautiful. It is my first time to see them. Thanks for posting.
  • It's hard to believe he still has birthday parties at the age of 21. lol. I stopped with parties at like 15. Of course you should pray for him. But it's not wrong to talk to him as long as you keep some distance. Do not become too close to…
  • The synixarium link.* the 27th is correct, but the 25th should be: 1. The Departure of St. Onesiphorous (Friska), One of the Seventy Apostles. 2. The Departure of Pope Mattheos, the One Hundredth Pope of Alexandria. ----------> Baramhat 25 (A…
  • God is the just judge. He has perfect judgement.
  • I have an antecdote that will solve this problem. This is a true story. Several scientists work in a lab in Egypt. Two of these are friendly aquantances; one Coptic Orthodox, and the other muslim. The muslim idividual is intrigued by the Copt's re…
  • Jesus Christ Himself ate fish. Some of the disciples were fishermen. It's ok to fish because God made man to dominate over all other beings. So, yes, this does justify fishing if it is to maintain one's sustinence.
  • Oh thank you very much. But i heard one that said: Hiten ni evki ente piathloforos em martiros: Kirie Abanoub je agios ________ abba Julios _________ Ep Chois: ari ehmont nan em pit ko evol ente nen novi.
  • walk it off. To get rid off unwanted thoughts fill ur brain with good ones. Don't try to get rid of the thought, just input new thoughts "in" instead.
  • [quote author=minagir link=board=11;threadid=3094;start=0#msg46226 date=1138033670] it's not wrong to dance in general. the way of dancing is what's wrong. i think you would know what's right and wrong. you're 895 rit. ;D ;D ;D. [/quote] wats 895? …
  • You are truly blessed to have these gifts because sometimes married cousins may have children with biological defects.
  • [quote author=egyptionorthobeaut link=board=10;threadid=3072;start=0#msg46109 date=1137812992] i have a question, when you have these religious dreams, does that mean that God expects much more from you, (pray much more, don't get into trouble, read…
  • I think that in our busy societies, only monks can read the seven hours (prayers) of the agbeya. However, the agbeya should certainly not feel like a burden. I find that memorization is important. If you memorize certain parts it will come to you …
  • Some of the priests i know play soccer and shoot hoops :D
    in Sports Comment by StVictor January 2006
  • Joking: Jesus Christ and the Devil had a computer programming competition, when suddenly a power outage takes place. The Devil complained how all his work was lost. The referee declares Jesus the winner. The Devil asked how Jesus Christ's work was …
  • You dont have to cut your hair or anything like that. Just master the art od typing cloth around your head without choking yourself. lol. You can also bring your own cloth to church, one that is confortable to you, so you won't be of discomfort.
  • "...remain even as I am." That does not neccessarily mean he was married at one point. It may mean "stay as I am" like be single and live the unlustful life. Don't remarry. That's all he is saying.
  • To escape pride, can you lie about an achievement. Hypothetically; For example, Person A donated a certain sum of money and is quiet about it. His mother asks him where he used his money or how he spent his money. To stay modest and humble, can thi…
  • When is baseball mentioned? I guess when David threw the rock at Goliath, ???
  • i told you, i just gor mine off shareware programs. Just type it on. And i cant attach cuz its too big. Sorry i can'y be of greater help.