A mistake in the site?

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I think there is a mistake in this site's synixarium. Baramhat 25 and Baramhat 27 are the same texts. I just noticed.


  • The synixarium link.*

    the 27th is correct, but the 25th should be:

    1. The Departure of St. Onesiphorous (Friska), One of the Seventy Apostles.

    2. The Departure of Pope Mattheos, the One Hundredth Pope of Alexandria.

    ----------> Baramhat 25 (April 3) 1722
  • This is my old account! I am St. Victor.

    They took away my account and gave me this new account (which i did not make) and a password (which i did not make).

    lol. I want my old accnt pls admin..
  • How sad! Are you sure you don't remember making this accnt., St. Victor?

    love lots,
  • lol...an d plus u cant make the same account on the same email...that is weird...i suggest u PM the admins..i dont think they will read it from here..
  • can that happen???? ??? (btw i now have a 100 posts) ;)
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