Judas documents (300A.D)

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hey how ya doin guys, i just wanted to run this topic relating to the recent findings of documents written by or about judas at the time of 300A.D. The documents detail how Judas was told by Christ to hand him over to the pharasies and that he did not do it out of betrayel as first believed. The documents are authentic but what about what is being said in them.

what are your thoughts about this? did Judas write this in order to get others to percieve him as innocent although he himself betrayed God without God telling him to do it. What about the effects this may have on the church to those weak in faith.


  • sorry guys i didnt c dat da same topic was put up by anoder person nd had a link
  • Hey Everyone,

    I Was very lucky yesterday to attend a youth meeting with Bishop Bishoy, Bishop Mousa and Bishop Surial and they discussed this issue of the Judas Gospel.

    Metropolitan Bishoy published an article on the issue which was used by the daily papers to clarify any doubt.

    you can access the article here


  • Because the papyrus is dated to 300 AD, it means that it is a Gnostic Gospel. Gnostic Gospels are those "fake" gospels (ie, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Phillip, Gospel of Mary Magdelene, and now, the Gospel of Judas).

    These "Gospels" are all dated to around 300 AD or later. Because Chirst, and hence, those who follwed him were born around 4 BC, nothing that they originally wrote would date later than the first century. Seeing as these documents are from the fourth century show how clearly they are fraudulent. It is impossible that Judas himself could have written it, (unless of course they find another fragment of the "Gospel of Judas" that can date to the first century). This document was written by a fraud.

    But why would this fraud put the name of Judas on his "Gospel". Merely for attention purposes. The Gnostics disagreed with Christianity, and held their own beliefs, and they thought that people would listen to their gospels more, if people believed that their "gospels" were written by the original followers of Jesus.

    Therefore, since this gospel has already been proven as fake by historians, it will not in any way affect Christianity. However, I think the Gnostic gospels are really interesting, so this Gospel of Judas is a very cool discovery.
  • wow!! the link that you've provided ya hardyakka is khateer! wonderful! it has become the new source of hymn teachings 4 moi!! ;D
  • I found this article written by his Imminence Metrapolitan Bishoy, I'm sure it will answer everyone's questions concerning the Gospel of Judas and the Gnostic gospels,

    http://www.coptic.org.au/downloads/Q&A Linda Morris SMH 6March 06.pdf
  • Ok, to all the controversy about the gospel...according to scientists and all those other people, the gospel was written around the time of 130-170 AD...we know and believe Jesus was crucified around the time 33 AD, and most gospels if not all say that Judas threw the 30 pieces of silver back to the pharisees and went and hanged himself...if he hung himself around 33 AD there is no possible way he couldve written the gospel...CASE CLOSED!! :)
    Khristos Anesti...Alithos Anesti
    Christ is Risen...Indeed He is Risen
    El Messih who Kam...Bel Ha keekati kam
    Pikhristos Aftonf...Khen oomethmi aftonf

    Happy Easter everyone!!
  • oakiie...soorryy off topic but mtanious...

    Ekristos anesti..alithos anesti

    and pikristos aftonf...khen oo methmi aftonf...

    which one is coptic or are they both coptic but differnt meanings????
  • HEY

    ekhristos anesti is greek

    pekhristos aftonf is coptic

  • yes, hardyakka is rite, which is y if u look up the pentecost hymn ASOMEN TO KYRIO, each verse is said twice, in Coptic and Greek.

    Pray for me :)
  • It was actually dated 130-170 AD.

    Judas was dead before then.
  • Ah, StVictor you are correct. My apologies. It's the Coptic papyrus that is dated to around 300 AD, but scholars believe that the original Greek text is dated to the mid-second century.

    Sorry about any confusion I may have caused. :-\
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