Matins & Vespers

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  Order of Matins & Vespers    Not owner
  Verses of Cymbals Wcanna Not owner
  The Doxology Aricalpizin qen oucouai Not owner
  Evlogimenos - The Hymn of Palm Sunday Eulogimenoc    Not owner
  The Exposition Masenak hijen outwou Not owner
  The Exposition Response Not owner
  Psalm Response Allylouia =a=l    Not owner
  The Vespers Psalm Not owner
  The Vespers Gospel   Not owner
  Vespers Gospel Response <ere Lazaroc Not owner
  The Matins Psalm   Not owner
  The Matins Gospel   Not owner
  Matins Gospel Response `Tvasi `nnihupar,wnta Not owner
  The Conclusion (Amen Alleluia) Amyn =a=l Not owner
  Vespers Concluding Canon/Prayers after Exposition Rasi `ounof Ciwn Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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