Matins Procession

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  The 12 Psalms (Katemeros-All togather)     Not owner
  The 12 responses (All togather) Wcanna Not owner
  1st Psalm & Gospel (Front of the Alter)   Not owner
  1st Gospel Response Pi`ftou `nzwon `n`acwmatoc Not owner
  2nd Psalm & Gospel (St.Mary Icon)   Not owner
  2nd Gospel Response Ten[ici `mmo qen ouem`psa Not owner
  3rd Psalm & Gospel (Annunciation Icon)   Not owner
  3rd Gospel Response Gabriyl pi`aggeloc Not owner
  4th Psalm & Gospel (Archangel Michael Icon)   Not owner
  4th Gospel Response Mi,ayl `par,wn Not owner
  5th Psalm & Gospel (St.Mark Icon)   Not owner
  5th Gospel Response Markoc pi`apoctoloc Not owner
  6th Psalm & Gospel (Apostles Icon)   Not owner
  6th Gospel Response I=y=c P=,=c afouwrp Not owner
  7th Psalm & Gospel (St.George Icon)   Not owner
  7th Gospel Response Sasf `nrompi afjokou Not owner
  8th Psalm & Gospel (St. Anthony/Saint Icon)   Not owner
  8th Gospel Response Bwl `ebolqen netenhyt Not owner
  9th Psalm & Gospel (The Northern Gate)   Not owner
  9th Gospel Response Aksan`i qen tekmah`cnou] Not owner
  10th Psalm & Gospel (The Baptismal Font)   Not owner
  10th Gospel Response Aferme;re `nje Iwannyc Not owner
  11th Psalm & Gospel (The Southern Gate)   Not owner
  11th Gospel Response Vyethemci hijen ni<eroubim Not owner
  12th Psalm & Gospel (St. John the Baptist Icon)   Not owner
  12th Gospel Response Mpe ouon twnf qen nijinmici Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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