Good Friday

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  6th: Taishory Taisoury Not owner
  Fai Etaf-enf    Not owner
  6th: Ti-estolee - Intro of the Pauline Epistle }`epictoly Not owner
  6th: The Pauline Epistle Apoctoloc `proc Galatyc Not owner
  6th: The Litanies
السادسة - القطع
Wvyet qen pi`ehoou Not owner
  6th: The Psalm - Rafadonee Auberbwrt `ebol Not owner
  6th: O Only Begotten Son
`O monogenyc Not owner
  6th: O-oo-neiatk Enthok O Dimas `Wouniatk `n;ok `w Dymac Not owner
  6th: The Confession of the Right-hand Thief `Aripameu`i Not owner
  9th: Tee Shory }soury Not owner
  9th: Ethveti - The Pauline Epistle E;be ]`anactacic Not owner
  9th: The Litanies
التاسعة - القطع
W vy`etafjem]pi `m`vmou Not owner
  9th: The Psalm "almoc tw Dauid Not owner
  11th: The Pauline Epistle   Not owner
  11th: The Psalm Not owner
  12th: Lamentations of Jeremiah `:rinoi Ieremiou Not owner
  12th: The Psalm (1st in Sad Tune) Au,at qen oulakkoc Not owner
  12th: The Psalm (2nd in Royal Tune)
12 - المزمور (الجزء الثاني - بيك إثرونوس)
Pek`;eronoc `V] Not owner
  12th: Order after the Gospel   Not owner
  12th: Gholghotha - The Burial Hymn Golgo;a Not owner
  12th: The Burial   Not owner

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