Congregation Responses

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  Saved Amen - Sotees Amen Cw;ic `amyn Not owner
تاي شوري
Taisoury Not owner
تي شوري
}soury Not owner
  The Hymn of the Intercessions
Hiten ni`precbi`a Not owner
  Pi-ehmot Ghar
بي إهموت غار
Pi`hmot gar Not owner
  Pi-ehmot Ghar - Great Pi`hmot gar `mV] Not owner
  The Catholic Response - Apitjeek Evol
مرد الكاثوليكون - آ بيت جيك إيفول
`A petjyk `ebol Not owner
  Praxis Response - Shere Maria
مرد الإبراكسيس - شيري ني ماريا
<ere ne Maria Not owner
  Another Praxis Response - Tote Alithos Tote `aly;wc Not owner
  The Trisagion Agioc `o :eoc Not owner
  The Gospel Response - Ouneiato Wouniatou Not owner
  The 3 Long Litanies Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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