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  Adam Doxology for Glorification
ذكصولوجية آدام للتمجيد
Doxologia Adam   Not owner
  Psali Watos
إبصالية واطس
Aifai `nnabal `ejen nitwou Not owner
  Psali Adam
إبصالية أدآم
`A `P=o=c `erouro Not owner
  Verses of Cymbals
أرباع النقوس
I=y=c P=,=c pennou] Not owner
  The Doxology
Marenhwc `eP=,=c penNou] Not owner
  Psalm Response
مرد المزمور
I=y=c P=,=c Not owner
  Vespers Psalm   Not owner
  Vespers Gospel   Not owner
  Matins Psalm   Not owner
  Matins Gospel   Not owner
  Gospel Response
مرد الإنجيل
I=y=c P=,=c `pSyri `m`V] Not owner
  Pauline Epistle
Pauloc `p`apoctoloc Not owner
  Catholic Epistle
E;be vai ]na] Not owner
  Praxis Response
مرد إبركسيس
Yliac nem Mw`ucyc petjwr Not owner
  Another Praxis Response
مرد إبركسيس آخر
<ere piSobt `nte P=,=c Not owner
  -The Acts
Not owner
  Litrugy Psalm Nefcen] qen nitwou e;ouab Not owner
  Litrugy Gospel   Not owner
  Communion Hymn
مديح للتوزيع
  Not owner
  Amen Alleluia
آمين هلليلويا
`Amyn@ =a=l Not owner

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