Psali Watos :: Aifai `nnabal `ejen nitwou :: إبصالية واطس


I lifted up my eyes, to the mountains, to seek help today, from the God of authority.
Everyone is amazed, and their hearts wonder, when they see His works, and His great mercy.

Aifai `nnabal `ejen [email protected] `ekw] `nca]bo`y;[email protected] `mvoou `ebol [email protected] va ]exoucia.
Bon niben euer`[email protected] ouoh eutomt qen [email protected] `etaunau `enef`hbyou`[email protected] nem tefnis] `mme;nayt.

رفعت عيني إلى الجبال، باحثاً عن المعونة، اليوم من عند، صاحب السلطان.
الكل يتعجبون، ويندهشون بقلوبهم، عند ما رأوا أعماله، وعِظُم رحمته.

+ For God who has the power, over all authority, was transfigured upon Tabor, before His disciples.
+ King David the psalmist, spoke and began saying, "His lightnings enlightened, all the world."

+ Ge gar `V] [email protected] `ejen [email protected] afouwnh `ebol hijen :[email protected] `mpe`m;o `nnefma;ytyc.
+ Dauid `pouro ouoh [email protected] afcaji ouoh [email protected] je nefcetebryj [email protected] `e]oikomeny tyrc.

لأن الله القوي، على المتسلطين، تجلى على طابور، أمام تلاميذه.
داود الملك والمرتل، تكلم وإبتدأ قائلاً، بروقه أضاءت، على المسكونة كلها.

He said with his voice, "The firmament was ripped asunder, and the mountains were shaken, and hills were moved."
For truly Habakkuk the prophet, proclaimed and said, "The mountains were scattered asunder, and the nations were dissolved."

Efjw `mmoc qen pef`[email protected] je afouwnh `nje [email protected] ouoh aumonmen `nje [email protected] ouoh aukim `nje nikalamvwou.
Ze ontoc Abkouk pi`[email protected] afws `ebol efjw `[email protected] je nitwou [email protected] aubwl `ebol `nje hane;noc.

قائلاً بصوته، انفتح الجلد، وتزلزلت الجبال، وتحركت التلال.
حقاً حبقوق النبي، صرخ قائلاً، أن الجبال إنسحقت، والأمم إنحلت.

+ Isaiah as it befits him, said through his voice, "The house of God will be, on the peeks of the mountains."
+ Tabor and Hermon together, rejoice in Your name, O Lord God who exists, as said by Nathan.

+ `Yca`yac kata er`[email protected] afjw `mmoc qen pef`[email protected] je `pyi `m`V] `[email protected] `ejen ni`avyou`i `nte nitwou.
+ :abwr nem Armoun [email protected] eu;elyl qen [email protected] `P=o=c `V] vy`[email protected] pairy] afjoc `nje Na;an.

أشعياء كما يليق، قال بصوته، أن بيت الله سيكون، على رؤوس الجبال.
تابور وحرمون معاً، بإسمك يتهللان، أيها الرب الإله الكائن، هكذا يقول ناثان.

Jesus Christ the King of glory, took Peter and James, He ascended up the mountain, with John the celibate.
Likewise He also brought to them, Moses and Elijah, and a cloud covered them, they spoke with the Messiah.

I=y=c P=,=c `pOuro `p`[email protected] af[i Petroc nem [email protected] afsenaf ca`pswi `[email protected] nem Iwannyc pipar;enoc.
Ke palin on af`ini [email protected] `mMw`ucyc nem [email protected] ouoh ou[ypi achwbc `[email protected] auerhytc `ncaji nem Maciac.

يسوع المسيح ملك المجد، أخذ بطرس ويعقوب، صعد على الجبل، مع يوحنا البتول.
وأيضاً أحضر لهم، موسى وإيليا، وسحابه ظللتهم، وابتدأ يتكلمان مع ماسياس.

+ And also they witnessed, that they saw His clothes, brighter than sun, His face shined.
+ And after these things the disciples, stood before the Lord, when they saw the prophets, they said in haste.

+ Loipon gar auerme;[email protected] je aunau `enef`[email protected] etauhiaktin `ehote `[email protected] `apefho oi `nlam`proc.
+ Menenca nai `anima;[email protected] `ohi `eratou `mpe`m;o `m`[email protected] `etaunau `eni`[email protected] ouoh naucaji qen ounis] `n`srwic.

وأيضاً شهدوا، لأنهم رأوا ملابسه، أبرقت أكثر من الشمس، ووجهه مضئ.
بعد ذلك وقف تلاميذه، أمام الرب، الذين رأوا النبيين، يتكلمان بيقظ عظيمة.

It is good for us O Master, to put three tabernacles in this place, one for You and one for Moses, and one for Elijah.
Therefore they heard first, the word concerning Him, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

Nanec nan `w [email protected] `e[i `mpaima `nsomt `n`[email protected] ou`i nak ou`i `mMw`[email protected] ou`i `nYliac qen outimy.
Xapina qen [email protected] aucwtem `epicaji e;[email protected] je vai pe Pasyri [email protected] vyetai]ma] `nqytf.

حسناً لنا أيها السيد، أن نأخذ في هذا المكان ثلاث مظال، واحدة لك ولموسى واحدة، ولإيليا واحدة بكرامة.
فجأة سمعوا أولاً، الكلمة من أجله، هذا هو إبني الحبيب، الذي به سررت.

+ Glory and honor to You, in Your hidden mysteries, for You appeared in Your humility, for You are God the Judge.
+ The Lord God the Eternal, of the living and the dead, the Creator of the ages, is Jesus Christ the blessed One.

+ Ou`wou nak nem [email protected] qen nekmuctyrion [email protected] je akouwnh `ebol qen pek;[email protected] ouoh `N;ok `V] piRef]hap.
+ `P=o=c `V] piSa`[email protected] `ejen nyetonq nem [email protected] piRef;amio `nni`[email protected] I=y=c P=,=c vyet`cmarwout.

مجداً وإكراماً لك، في أسرارك الخفية، لأنك ظهرت بتواضعك، وأنت الله الحاكم.
الرب الإله الأبدي، على الأحياء والأموات، خالق الدهور، يسوع المسيح المبارك.

Truly the disciples, saw Him and prostrated, and they worshiped Him, for He is the true Judge.
Yes indeed He ordered them, not to speak of the vision, and afterward He filled them, with all grace.

Rytoc `etaunau `[email protected] `nje nima;[email protected] auhitou [email protected] `mmof je `N;ok pe piRef]hap.
Ce ontoc afhonhen `[email protected] `e`stemcaji `[email protected] menenca nai on [email protected] `ebolqen ni,aricma.

حقاً لما رآه، التلاميذ، خروا وسجدوا له، قائلين أنك هو الحاكم.
حقاً أمرهم، أن لا يتكلموا، بالرؤيا، وبعد ذلك ملأهم بالنعم.

+ Then He opened their minds, to know that He is the only-begotten, He came and became the Son of man, He will judge in retribution.
+ The Son of God who is full of glory, revealed His kingdom, for He is the God of glory, and the Lord the Creator.

+ Tote afouwn `nnou`[email protected] je `N;of pe [email protected] af`i afswpi `nSyri `[email protected] efna]hap qen ]`kricic.
+ Uioc :eoc vye;meh `n`[email protected] afouwnh `[email protected] je `N;of pe `V] `nte `p`[email protected] `P=o=c piRef;amio.

حينئذ فتح إداركهم، أنه هو الوحيد الجنس، جاء وصار إبن بشر، وسيحكم في الدينونة.
إبن الله المملوء مجداً، أظهر ملكوته، لأنه هو إله المجد، والرب الخالق.

Moses and Elijah, were worthy to see, the unseen ones, before all ages.
Holy holy holy, is Jesus Christ the Teacher, through the mouth of Moses the saint, and Elijah the Tishbite.

Vya;nau `[email protected] qajwou `nnigene`[email protected] auer`pem`psa `nnau `[email protected] `nje Mw`ucyc nem Yliac.
`<ouab `,ouab ouoh `,[email protected] I=y=c P=,=c piTe,[email protected] qen rwf `mMw`ucyc pe;[email protected] nem Yliac pi;ecbityc.

الغير المنظور، قبل الدهور، إستحق أن يراه، موسى وإيليا.
قدوس قدوس قدوس، يسوع المسيح المُعلِم، لفم موسى القديس، وإيليا التسبيتي.

+ The rest of Your people, in every place, guard them O good One, both now and at all times.
+ O who appeared to His disciples, upon Mount Tabor, grant me a watchful mind, and save me from temptations.

+ "epi `nte [email protected] etqen mai [email protected] `areh `erwou `w pi`Aga;[email protected] icjen ]nou nem `ncyou niben.
+ `W vyetafouwnh `nnafma;[email protected] hijen pitwou `n:[email protected] moi nyi `nounouc [email protected] nahmet `ebolqen nipiracmoc.

بقية شعبك، في كل مكان، إحفظها أيها الصالح، من الآن وكل أوان.
يا الذي تجلى لتلاميذه، على جبل تابور، إمنحني عقلاً ساهراً، نجني من التجارب.