Litrugy Psalm :: Nefcen] qen nitwou e;ouab


Psalm 87:1, 2, 5


مزامير 87 : 1,2,5

"This one and that one were born in her.His foundation is in the holy mountain, the Lord loves the gate of Zion,A man will say, "O mother Zion," and that man was born in her. The Most-High Himself has founded her.

Nefcen] qen nitwou e;[email protected] P=o=c mei `nnipuly `nte [email protected] Ciwn ]mau najoc je ourwmu nem ourwmi afswpi `[email protected] ouoh `n;of pet[oci afhicen] `mmoc sa `eneh.

أساساته في الجبال المقدسة. يحب الرب أبواب صهيون، صهيون الأم تقول إن إنسانا وإنسانا ولد فيها، وهو العلي الذي أسسها إلى الأبد.