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  • im agreeing with everyone so im not going to repeat it but i just wanted to let you know that right now u might kind of feel empty but if it is a test from God then He might be trying to teach u how to be patient and He might be saving something for…
  • u can also get it on this site as well! ;D GB! sis in Christ, makook
    in O Kyrios Comment by makook July 2005
  • Thank you guys ur help is very appreciated and i will definetly use ur advice... she is one of my very good friends (well to me) and i want to keep it that way but i also want her to work at the friendship too. Anyway, we'll see what happens. if the…
    in A mistake. Comment by makook July 2005
  • wow.. i hope we can all learn something from that and maybe we can all relate to it??? sis in Chris, makook
    in Stories Comment by makook July 2005
  • well, i have another question...since i understand about saying God's name in vain..but is it right or wrong if you say 'Oh my gosh"..i heard it was still inappropriate but I don't know why.. I didn't think we were still calling God's name in vain. …
  • Administrators!!!! please, we have all given Amaru a chance to straighten up his acts and hopefully we have all prayed for him...but he is seriously hurting other people. its the same thing as murder almost... when someone says something horrible a…
    in hey everyone Comment by makook July 2005
  • I absolutely think that we are all brothers and sisters! God said that we are all his children so we are all one family! I do treat all my friends as true sisters and brothers.. i treat them the same way..because they are close to me in heart and we…
  • sounds pretty right to me..i should let it go but i keep having the feeling that i did something wrong. sis, makook
    in A mistake. Comment by makook July 2005
  • Amaru and Christ4life, this doesn't have anything to do with this topic.. may you please do it on your own time...not trying to sound rude or anything but please relax and move.... arguments do take place but they also get forgiven be one another..s…
    in Bored??? Comment by makook July 2005
  • Thank you Christ4Life you did help a lot...your advice is very appreciated! sis in Christ, makook
    in A mistake. Comment by makook July 2005
  • doesn't sound easy... and time has passed so i feel wrong to bring it up again..i sent her a long and very honest email but she replied saying "its ok" and her email was done..i didn't feel that it was forgiven....just what could i do make myself fe…
    in A mistake. Comment by makook July 2005
  • Yes but this person has changed completly.. without me noticing when or how? I thought the relationship was pretty tight from the begging cuz i've known her since like i was a baby lol. i just dont know what happened. its as if we both changed but …
    in A mistake. Comment by makook July 2005
  • [quote author=socoolbishoy link=board=13;threadid=1943;start=0#msg29474 date=1119714367] but soon you will enter high school and you will know swearing is the last thing people worry about... [/quote] ya i agree..i am also entering highschool and…
  • I dont understand? did i display an inappropriate picture or something... what do u mean by a picture says a thousand words? oy if thats directed at me.. sorry.. another mistake i have made :-[ peace and God bless sis in Christ, makook
    in picture Comment by makook July 2005
  • [quote author=MarinaIsFly link=board=13;threadid=2015;start=15#msg31233 date=1120791111] hold up Wats rong wif puttin ur name at the end of each post? [/quote] ya lol i dont think thats a crime...i dont know..i just dont think its a big deal…
    in Bored??? Comment by makook July 2005
  • I think a true and good relationship between a husband and wife is very strong. They were 2 but God made them One. When one person proposes to the other.. and the other person says yes.. than it is true love where u are following your heart and if t…
  • Wow, that was good "fully rely on God" ..i enjoyed it as well..please keep sharing..i am very interested lol God bless sis in Christ, makook
    in the eye Comment by makook July 2005
  • I know this person who lives in Toronto, Ontario, canada and its the places wheres there are a lot of poor people on the streets begging you for money. My friend is always interupted by them asking for money so he keeps these McDonald coupons wh…
  • Hey everyone again...I just wanted to share one verse thats up on my wall and theres an awesome story behind it that i would like to share with you guys.... the verse is.. "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed" Proverbs 1…
    in Verses Chain Comment by makook July 2005
  • Hey everyone i think this thread is such a good idea! I like it a lot..if only more people would share LOL Like lots of people I also love.."i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" sis in Christ, makook
    in Verses Chain Comment by makook July 2005
  • Yay it worked..thank you princessMary..I learned something today :P I love this pic a lot it made me laugh and i hope it makes all of you laugh as well ;D God bless all of you! sis in Christ, makook
    in picture Comment by makook July 2005
  • Everyone i need ur help lol..i've never done this before.. but it says i can't upload a picture because it couldn't upload that kind of file. Is there anyway I can change that??? sis in Christ, makook
    in picture Comment by makook July 2005
  • im not sure why this is so complicated...i agree with the people who said you should just invite them to your church.. sounds good to me. usually if i wanna attend a different church i stay with my religion boundaries. i think its really interestin…
  • im gunna make a seperate post for "socoolbishoy" cuz he remembered my birthday as well! thank you!!! God bless you! sis in Christ, Monica
  • hahahahaha oh my gosh monkeyk (rené) and Mansour89 (sandy) ! thanks a bunch.. u guys are going to make me cry! LOL I love you guys sooo much and ur guys are soo awesome... may God bless you! u guys are the best!!!! :-* :-* sis in Christ, Monica
  • mines june 28th lol Happy birthday to everyone who has a summer birthday may God bless you sis in Christ, makook
  • [quote author=Mansour89 link=board=6;threadid=1779;start=0#msg27295 date=1117851512] [quote author=monkeyk link=board=6;threadid=1779;start=0#msg27290 date=1117849339] hey i'm from St. Mary's COptic Orthodox Church in Kitchener, we are blessed with …