A mistake.

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Hey everyone, this idea has been bugging me for awhile..and i just wanted to know ur opinions.

Lets say you made a mistake by saying something about someone.... but you really didn't mean it in a rude or unpleasant way but the person who you were talking about had overheard and had jumped to the conclusion that this saying was meant in a mean way. This offended person now goes and tells some people the problem in her point of view.

This offended person was good friends with the person who had said something about her. Now the relationship is not like it used to be even after apologies were said and explanations were made.

What do you think of this idea/problem??? Do you think the offended girl should have just let it go and forgiven the other person and had just continued the life they had before?
Or, do you think, the relationship was supposed to change for a reason?

Can't wait to read ur replys!
God bless all of you +
sis in Christ, makook


  • Sis in Christ, makook , this kind of situation depends on the people in it and how strong their relationship was. Some ppl forgive easily after 5 min. of sorryes (I know its not a word, lol), while others take days and sometimes weeks. And if they were REALLY REALLY close, then it would be silly to destroy that kind of relationship for a silly remark.

    Also, might I note, sometimes after things like these ppl take time in coming back to their original personality.
  • Yes but this person has changed completly.. without me noticing when or how? I thought the relationship was pretty tight from the begging cuz i've known her since like i was a baby lol. i just dont know what happened. its as if we both changed but still miss the relationship and time just went by and nothin seemed like it was better again or nothing was forgiven.
    -sis in Christ, monica
  • Talk to her/him. Open up. Tell them how you feel. Find out how they feel.
  • doesn't sound easy... and time has passed so i feel wrong to bring it up again..i sent her a long and very honest email but she replied saying "its ok" and her email was done..i didn't feel that it was forgiven....just what could i do make myself feel better bout this?
  • One thing I can tell you now, tell your FOC.
  • Thank you Christ4Life you did help a lot...your advice is very appreciated!
    sis in Christ, makook
  • No problem. Hope I helped. :)
  • who cares... about her... if you explained yourself... then let it go...
  • socoolbishoy...you sounds pretty right to me..i should let it go but i keep having the feeling that i did something wrong.
    sis, makook
  • i would also agree i mean just let it go and continue with [glow=red,2,300]your life and if it stills bothers you then go talk to your F.O.C about the problem[/glow].... hope i helped sis in Christ, makook god bless all!!!! :D :) glory be to god!!!!!
    batikha-basketball ;D
  • [quote author=sis in Christ, makook link=board=11;threadid=2035;start=0#msg31422 date=1120853500]
    socoolbishoy...you sounds pretty right to me..i should let it go but i keep having the feeling that i did something wrong.
    sis, makook

    pray about it... and it will go away...
  • hey u no i think u shud just let it blow over...i sorta had a problem like that and my father of confession told me ...if the rumors r still alive then u have to talk but if theyre not then 4get it and let it all blow ova

  • sis in christ, makook you should let it go and apologize because Forgive and Forget if you apologized then it's all good!
  • you said that sorry's were exchanged, but if he/she is kinda cold, it means that they didn't mean their apology. You did you job; apologized and provided explanations, and apologized again. Why should it be your fault is this person dwells on the past ? Maintain your friendship, and act like nothing happened because if they " forgives" then they should forget. If they still act the way thay do now, brush it (the coldness, i mean) off and look for the essence. Time heals, maybe that's what he/she needs...? Be there, that's the most important, and show you still love this person (as a friend)~
  • Thank you guys ur help is very appreciated and i will definetly use ur advice... she is one of my very good friends (well to me) and i want to keep it that way but i also want her to work at the friendship too.
    Anyway, we'll see what happens.
    if there is any more advice.. id love to read them and the ones that have already been posted they help a lot too... Thanks!
    sis in Christ, makook
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