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Here are some stories that I have made up and people think that there pretty cool!

A Wounded Soul
Info-A wounded soul is a story about a teenage girl doesn't realize that the new teenager at school that he is Christ and Christ was in a form of a teenager, so the teenage girl feels bad for the teenager and leaves her friends and stays with Christ

My heart was ripped off, it was dragged into someone else's body who was sad all the time. Someone told me that how you feel inside doesn't make you think bad it's what is on the outside. The wounded soul came up to me and asked if they could hang out, so I told the wounded soul that I have friends waiting, and the wounded soul felt sad and worse than he was. Ok, well I told him that I was gonna invite him next time, but he said it's ok. I thought that the wounded soul thought that my friends were better than the him, but he didn't, all he wanted was a friend that cared about him more than anybody because he is all alone, he doesn't have parents and he doesn't have anybody beside him, but I canceled my friend trip and we went to church so we talked a little, and what I didn't notice was the wounded soul was actually CHRIST, while the wounded soul told me that he was christ and I just stared at him with an open mouth and I worshipped him as he ascended to heaven. And After I recongized him I knew that Christ is everybodys friend and his parents were Mother Mary.

God you are my shepard and I will not weep, art thou you keep me safe and warm in your safest hands, for you I will always charish your LOVE.......


  • that was really nice... thanks for sharing that!!!!!! god bless your heart!!!!

  • wow.. i hope we can all learn something from that and maybe we can all relate to it???
    sis in Chris, makook
  • Stories on Everyday Life
    Info-Stories on everyday life is about great, interesting stories that happen like everyday!

    *One day you'll remember me
    *The second you'll forget
    *The third you'll lose your mind
    *The fourth you'll have memory loss
    *The fifth I come knocking on your door seeing if you remember me

    *One day I can see
    *The second I suggest glasses
    *The third I suggest contacts
    *The fourth I'm blind
    *The fifth I get an excuse from my friend that there blinded by your beauty

    *One day I stay by your side when you cry
    *The second you forgot my graduation
    *The third you thought I forgot
    *The fourth we aren't best friends again
    *The fifth you cared so much that we aren't best friends again you came and apologized

    *One day I came knocking on your door to see if you would answer
    *The second I would try calling you, but you wouldn't answer
    *The third I try talking to you at school, but you would ignore me
    *The fourth I ask you if I could sit with you at lunch, but you still didn't care about me
    *The fifth you saw me sad, crying, and alone and then you finally ask me if I could come over to your house

    *One day I would pass a note to you in class you would get in trouble
    *The second I would write you a letter and your parents would yell at you
    *The third I try calling you, but your mom got mad
    *The fourth I try sending you an IM and you wouldn't answer
    *The fifth you said you couldn't respond to me all this time because 1 of your family members passed away

    *One day I thought you were my best friend, but you started to punch me
    *The second I thought you would get annoying because you would hurt me
    *The third I thought you were there for me, but you lied to me for the first time
    *The fourth you would hit me with a wooden ruler and you would hang out with people I got bullied by
    *The fifth you told me that you can't be friends with me if I didn't take those as jokes and then you told me that you would hang out with people who used to bully you, and then you apologized and said that was a prank

    *One day my best friend forgot my birthday
    *The second they said I was mean not writing them an email
    *The third they told away my secret and they promised not to tell
    *The fourth you didn't realize that the party you were at was my birthday party
    *The fifth you said wake up, your in a dream
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