• he loves us... :)
  • for if we have true faith we shall be able to walk on water and even move mountains... :)
  • king of Glory...
  • hey guys. I know I'm not posting pictures anymore rather sayings so.... just tell me if I should stop or not. ;)
  • they r still counted as pics so keep goin :D

    GB ALL
  • thanks :D
    holy, holy, holy
  • hey thanks for the website!!! and keep it up with the pictures!!!! and sayings they are great!!! :D
    god bless you all!!!!
  • ur welcome :)... i posted a lot from the website so you'll hardly find anything new (that you'll like)
  • okay thanks for letting me know!!!
  • Everyone i need ur help lol..i've never done this before.. but it says i can't upload a picture because it couldn't upload that kind of file. Is there anyway I can change that???
    sis in Christ, makook
  • you cannot uplooad a picture that is a .bmp format so

    double click on the icon of the picture that you want to upload
    if it opens with windows picture and fax viewer,
    you will then see a little icon of a disk (which is purple) on the bottom right,
    click on it
    a dialog box appears,
    on the bottom of it says save type as, click jpeg or gif then click save to resave the picture

    after doing so, then you can upload the picture

    if it doesnt open with windows picture & fax viewer, then try to right click on the icon of the picture, then go to open with, and then try to choose another format, or try renaming the file and putting a ".jpg" at the end
  • Yay it worked..thank you princessMary..I learned something today :P
    I love this pic a lot it made me laugh and i hope it makes all of you laugh as well ;D
    God bless all of you!
    sis in Christ, makook
  • okay i understand!!!!! very funny!!!!! i loved it!!! good job sis in Christ, makook!!!!! ;D
  • A picture truly says a thousand words


  • I dont understand? did i display an inappropriate picture or something...
    what do u mean by a picture says a thousand words?
    oy if thats directed at me.. sorry.. another mistake i have made :-[
    peace and God bless
    sis in Christ, makook
  • i do not think that it was supposed to like go at you so still keep posting if you can... god bless lol
    batikha-basketball :D
  • oh that St.Mary's one is amazing. If any1 knows where I could get more pictures, please PM it to me or reply, cause I completely ran out. lol :)
  • This is one of my favorite.. :D

  • [quote author=biboy link=board=11;threadid=336;start=1725#msg31246 date=1120792936]
    A picture truly says a thousand words



    and an action tells a thousand pictures :) lol had to add that ;)

    o yar i luv that 1 kokie

    GB ALL
  • great job everyone!!!!! lol glory be to god!!!!
    batikha-basketball :)
  • that one was really nice!!!!! i like it!! lol glory be to god!!!
    batikha-basketball ;D
  • awsome guys keep it up!
  • wow they are soooo beutiful!!!!!!! and i love them all!!!! god bless your heart and keep it up!!!!!
    basketball :)
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