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sometimes it has cursing...what should we do!


  • Well personally, it's not that serious..cursing is everywhere these can't run away from the world..if you think it will lead you to curse (more) however, then fail and don't read the book..
  • yar thats true servant of Jesus good stuff yar ask ur FOC but umm. u can also ask a fwend what the book was about

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  • i seriously woodnt no the best answer is that sum1 can give u is ur FOC see him asap if not ring him.

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  • Hi Marmar,

    I heard that in some cases you can ask the teacher for a substitute reading book if the one assigned is offensive to you. They might ask you to get a note from your parents or something like that.

    Pray and see how God will guide you... :) I wish you the best...
  • lol i hate to sound like a cheater but

  • maaaaaaaaaad ill keep that site in mind lol coz i hate reading lol jkz but i seriosuly will use it thnxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol u legend

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  • You know... even in my movie selection... I watch movies that have cursing... because it is close to what will happen in real life... when you hit your thumb with a hammer, you won’t say, "oh cheese popsicles" (sorry, just made that on the spot...couldn’t think of anything else) but rather you will say what’s on your mind... and most likely you will say something inappropriate... so for me I actually would rather there would be swearing in the novels I read, and movies I watch... but you don’t like, which is GREAT... everyone likes different things... and I am proud that you are doing an action about it... but soon you will enter high school and you will know swearing is the last thing people worry about...

  • okay, swearing i can live with (almost) but theres more to it....
    there is sexual content and imagery that disturbs me (being that there is a prostitute in the book) and thats what bothers me

    lol... freshman...
  • good thats gr8 to hear just ignore it if it cums up

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  • ok...first off, I'm a freshman

    anyways... As long as u keep a book from entering ur life it's ok..

    Example: Playing Halo 2 is not bad... unless if u actually take a gun and started killing people..therefore i think it's ok as long as u keep ur mind off of it and dont let it enter ur brain...

    Hope I helped....


  • [quote author=socoolbishoy link=board=13;threadid=1943;start=0#msg29474 date=1119714367]
    but soon you will enter high school and you will know swearing is the last thing people worry about...

    ya i agree..i am also entering highschool and i am a bit worried and scared lol...theres many different kind of people there...different levels of pressure... the work load.. some of it doesn't sound to great lol....but there might be greater challenges you might have to overcome like this long is it doesn't get to ur brain then i think ur fine!!!
    sis in Christ, makook
  • LOL...u guys are worried about high school now...wait until college...oh u will c the fun...NOT :-\
  • whya re u in colllege Marianne87 ????
  • lol yup i am...a sophmore
  • Marmar, I also read that book. It is a very amazing book. I think the swearing is just to add some suspense as if they are mad. I think that if it is required then that is fine but if you start to swear then i think that is a bigger issue. i think you should talk to your abouna about what will happen. i hope i have helped.

  • where can i get the book if you do not mind me asking... sounds intersting!!!!thanks!!!! ;D
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  • what is the name of the book?
  • You should not be offended by reading material that involves cursing. I do not agree that this is a true reflection of people today. Certainly cursing has been with us since Adam&Eve days.
    You should read this material to be aware of cursing and the wrongs in life. However, you are in no way to adopt these or let them enter your life. Read to be aware. You have to knwo the bad to know what the good is.
  • [glow=red,2,300]or even out of the mouth of a sunday school teacher...[/glow] wow i am amazed at that part a lot!!!!!! glory be to god!!!
    batikha-basketball :)
  • me too!!
  • I know i'm replying a little late on this but my computer wasn't doing too well before and its totally back now so here i go. i LOVE books. bookstores are my disney world. I just think that writers are artists and books are masterpieces and i've never really dwelled on the cursing. One of my favorite books and movies actually, is love story and it's a classic. My brother who is a wonderful religious example loves it too. God wouldn't let something like a book affect you to the extreme. If anyone adopts something because it was in a book then their problem is certainly not because of a novel. Moby Dick is one of the greatest classics ever written and its all about revenge. That doesn't mean i'll make my life about revenge too. You have to look deeper into every single philosophy and every single feeling portrayed by the characters because it gives you insight into the world around you and the people in it. Fact: There's a lot of sin around us. If we dwell on and criticize all of it, we'll never live. Instead we must dwell on the good in the world because the truth is, we can make a difference, and we can't do it if we think about the negative. So my point is, appreciate art, its good stuff lol. Oh and a tree grows in brooklyn was a marvelous novel!
  • i'm glad you liked it! I really enjoyed it too! The world of books is wonderful
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