A depressing and empty life...

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how do you change that?


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    maybe its emptiniess as in we feel the need to improve like St. Anthony,

    Hey Marmar...

    this is good as it means the Holy Spirit is working in us and we have a desire to come closer to God.

    We need to respond to these feelings and continue to feed ourselves with God's word....read the bible, pray, confession, communion, sermons, hymns, tasbeha etc.

    I think all depression is due to a lack of being with God or a desire to come closer to God. I think ur hungry Marmar...so eat!!

    God bless ya

  • I agree with Pete. If you feel that empty feeling where life has no meaning and you're just empty, fill yourself with God. Pray, go to church, listen to taraneem, tasbeha, hold youth meetings. I think that's what you're hungry for so, like Pete said, eat!
  • yup as the 2 sed above occupy urself with the Lord, do more activities with ur church, if there isnt u organise u hold em and ya eh ya botros sed everything else

    GB ALL
  • what do you mean bi the emptiness.......... of what? i mean i get wht you are kinda saying but i dont know if i understnad what you are really talking about ... lol

    [move][glow=red,2,300]GOD BLESS[/glow][/move]
  • CopticChica, I think she means to say life is empy, no life in life, you get it?

    I think i confused you more, lol
  • Who said that life is all ice cream and soda pop?!!

    You are here on earth for a purpose. Many people do not know the meaning of life and may feel lost as a result. The meaning of life, your life, and purpose of existing should be clear to every Christian - and this can be summaries in letting God enter your life, let him dictate the pase, show you the way, and show you what he wants you to do with it.

    The problem is that we as humans seem to decide life by our 24 hour clock - meaning that we get impatient at times, and also expect answers straight away, certianly all our problems to be solved over night. God created the world in 6 days and he also had a rest day. If I have to give you advice, I would say to you to simply 'chill out' (as you Yanks like to say), speak to God, ask him to take over your life, ask him to make your decisions and show you the way, let him do whatever he wants of you, sit back and be content that your creater will sort things out for you, and he will so it in his own way and time (and certainly not by our nusy 24 hour human schedules).

    What I will say to you is that I am contempating becoming a priest myself. The process is known as vocation (but I can assure you its no holiday). This has many phases and some of these include questioning one's existing, happenes and purpose in life. Once you lose the need, desire, attachement for and to materialistic things (largerer house, bigger car, etc...) you begin to see what life is about. We have a saying here about being able to see the woods (forests) from the trees. When you leave the so called 'man made' things you are getting close to God.

    I do not fear for you. In fact I am happy that you are going through this phase/stage as you are on the road to God. God bless you.
  • To MarMar91:
    You are goingthrough many changes in life at the moment. Changes include starting a new school which in daunting nd the prospect of making new friends.
    I also understand that you are also growing fast from leaving childhood and becoming a young man.
    What you have to remember and put this in your mind is that you are not alone. You are not the 1st person to go through this phase in life. Look around at your father, brothers, uncles etc... They have all gone through it and I am sure they are good and responsible people. So be assured that you will get through this phase.
    With regards to being popular, please do not feel that you have to compete with anybody or prove yoyrself to anybody. We are all God's children and he loves us ALL. When you at sports, whether it a race, a boxing match or whatever, there can only be one winner. This does not mean that there is no room in this world for those that come second, or are not popular or centre of attention. If it was not for a loser at a boxing match there would be no winner. There has to be a 1st, 2nd etc... What we know is that Jesus has never elected winners, but elected ALL.
    I would also like to remind you that as humans we do not like change. The main reason for this is fear of the unknown. We all hated going to school on our 1st day through fear of the unknown and being away from our usual surroundings. Similarly when moving house to live somewhere new. But you knwo what, we all go through these phases and our new situation becomes the norm and if we review later we would laugh at all the fuss.
    Lastly, I would suggest that you should not bottle things up. If you have ANY issue or concern then you should raise this with your family, close friends and your local priest.
    Remember that Jesus always said that if this world has done you wrong to remember that they have done it to me 1st.
    Bless you.
  • Hey MarMar keep ur chin up....every1 goes through these times in life. I have felt the same when i was ur age...and i still can relate to some of the things u say...

    Firstly and most importantly talk to God about what ur feeling and ask Him what his plans/messages for u are. Ask God and His saints to give meaning and purpose to ur life. Also it would b a good idea to talk to ur confession father about this.

    I think wat is making u most depressed is the fact that u sed u dont really have any close friends ur age (that dont swear and blah blah). At my church i only ever had 1 other guy in my year and he like never comes to church...so when i was younger i was in a smiliar boat to u. I dunno how big ur church is and all that but r u sure that there r not others that r in the same boat as u without u knowing. Maybe they are (and u??) too shy to show that that they need a friend-who doesnt just go with the flow.

    Also, what about the girls like 1 (or 2 or 3) yrs older or younger that u...i have many good friends who range several years younger/older than me.

    Lastly, i would like u to ask u about how u present urselve to others. Do people (at skool and church) know that u DONT like swearing, bad music, bad movies....etc or do u pretend to fit in with the rest of the crowd. It can be VERY hard to 'reveal' that ur not interested in these wrong things. However, i think and have experienced that being open and out right with people (im not saying u arent) helps reduce this depressing feeling instead of hiding ur beliefs...people will respect u surprisingly enough.

    Dont worry things will brighten up soon...Trust in God....sorry for the essay

    God bless u

  • fill up on God, because He'll fill up your cup, and make it overflow. When you pray and feel what you're saying, then you'll look outside and be like" How could i have felt that way?" I have been through this, and it IS emptyness of God, it's another way of testing you. Pray and ask for Him to fill you, and He will. Just look outside, at nature, at people, and think of God's love when He made them. Think of how He wants YOU to be happy too, then before you know it, you'll be happy too, and it'll probably be contagious! ;D
  • im agreeing with everyone so im not going to repeat it but i just wanted to let you know that right now u might kind of feel empty but if it is a test from God then He might be trying to teach u how to be patient and He might be saving something for you in the future. He has something for you but u must want it.
    I think that everyone has an important task in life but it comes a different times in your life.
    well i hope i made sense and take care
    sis in Christ, makook
  • for the cursing, thats actually allowed in your school. all the ppl in my school know i hate cursing and never curse, which is why i hardly ever hear it. for the music, i just had the same problem a couple days ago in a limo (brothers wedding). we were coming back and the radio was right behind me. I was too tired to say anything so I just tuned it out. learn to do that, because you cant always turn it off. I g2g now so ill finish later. Bye!
  • lol... for the youth of the church, why dont you tell abouna something (dont mention specific names, just say ppl in general). If you want, you can even tell him not to mention your name when he plans to talk to them, and I'm sure he'll understand.

    when gOD created us, WHY DID HE CREATE us to have dreams and desires if we can't do most of them??
    thanks, hope that cleared things up...

    he created us because he didnt want the world to be lifeless and dark and useless. then we came and messed things up and were thrown out of Eden, and god himself had to come to save us. now the dreams and desires are there only for you to overcome and see past them. remember, many saints did that, so its possible. once you overcome them, you only see the spiritual things, and that is when you have reached god. i know this is easier said than done, nonetheless it MUST be done. just keep in mind that it IS possible, and that god will pull you through this, believe me. just put all your trust and faith in God. I remember this one tarneema (I love so much i memorized it). Its like "ana gai we masnood ala wa'dak, wa eniya dansor le magdak. wasak feek, we fe ewat hobak, enta elahi sadee' fe wa'dak". I just love it, it gives you hope and tells you to wait. If you want the link to listen to it I'll gladly give it.

    God be with you

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