Closest relationship

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well i no that God and man have the closest relationship... but besides them... who is closest in ur opinion?


  • Friend to Friend...because they can tell each other everything...share their problems with each other

    Husband and wife tend to get farther apart as they get older...maybe it's just me...but i don't know...there are things...husbands don't tell their wives and vice versa.
  • If there is true love between a husband and wife then i think that is the closest relationship.... add to that it is a sacrament

    but not all husbands love their wives and vice versa, so i picked friend and friend because you dont have to be friends with somebody you dont like or agree with.... and not that its easy but you can break away from a friend but you can't from a spouse.
  • Well although you may tell your friends everything, a parent would definitely be closer..I mean, you trust love them more than anyone in the world..
  • servantofchrist, for some reason i missed that parent to parent one, i think it comes equal with a friend you truly like
  • i guess it depends on the scenerio cos some people arent that close to their parents and some brothers and sisters are real close and friends vary and all that
  • i totally agree with Eh ya botros

    GB ALL
  • I think a true and good relationship between a husband and wife is very strong. They were 2 but God made them One. When one person proposes to the other.. and the other person says yes.. than it is true love where u are following your heart and if thats the case.. the relationshipshould be very stong with honest and trust and love.
    I'm no expert but thats what i think and hope its like lol
    sis in Christ, makook
  • yeah husband and wife is strong. the closest relationship i had ever had is with a friend at my church. my friend is sooo nice and funny and calls me all these names and we laugh... and sometimes when my friend goes through a hard time i am there and smiles again!!!! great topic by the way!!! glory be to god!!!
    batikha-basketball ;D
  • I believe that the closest relationship besides God and man is husband and wife because as the sacrament of baptism connects god and man, so does the sacrament of communion where the body and blood of Jesus Christ enters man..thus there is another sacrement..the sacrament of m,atrimony..where God joins to people to become stated by the bible...
    Jesus Christ himself attended a wedding, which shows you the importance of the relationship between husband and wife.

    Sry its long. This is what I think...

  • Its not long. How about the arranged marriages that some ppl still do in Egypt
  • arranged marriages by parentrs in Egypt, the man and woman , have to agree to marryeach other..

    Right?...(not sure about how they work)


  • Sometimes they're not asked...
    Otherwise I really don't know either.
    Even if they do agree, they really don't know who they're marrying.
  • sometimes siblings wont have a strong relationship...
    but i got a good realation ship wif my bro
    the fact that he is only older than me by a year, we get lots of problems that r similar
    i also have a sis but she is 6 years younger than me so we dont get along very well...
    Keep it real
  • the bible say an enemy and enemy are have a great relisionship ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ;D
  • ok, you kinda got me thinking there. parent-child is strong, because your parents would do anything for you, and vice versa, but can't you say the same about friends (REALLY REALLY CLOSE FRIENDS). I think they go side by side.
  • well, sorry if i made it seem I was all the social person, I actually have 1 true friend I'm proud to call my sister. I've known her since I was what, 4. We've grown up together and I would, really do anything for her. And if anybody (other than Abouna of course) could bring me closer to God, its her. I feel she's like an angel that ended up here by accident (lol ;) jk). Don't worry though MarMar, you'll find her/him someday.... ;)
  • i think that child-parent is strong but sometimez friend-friend can be stronger... just caz sometimes ur more honest with your friend than ur parents. believe me its true. but i would say it still depends on the person.
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