brothers and sisters!!!!

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hey i would like to know this well i was at a kids camp and i called one of my friends [glow=red,2,300]"hey brother"[/glow] and know i still call him brother so here is my question.... are we all brother and sisters in gods eyes like god sees us as a all of us brothers and sisters????? so like everyone at my chuch is brothers and sisters..... WOW!!!! looking forward to hear your answers!!!! glory be to god and god bless all of you!!!!
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  • I absolutely think that we are all brothers and sisters! God said that we are all his children so we are all one family! I do treat all my friends as true sisters and brothers.. i treat them the same way..because they are close to me in heart and we must all love each other like God wants to see us.
    All one big happy family!
    SIS in CHRIST, monica
  • Yes, we are all brothers and sisters, for we are all God's children. We all were also born of Adam and Eve, and we should love all people as if they're our brothers and/or sisters.
  • yeah we are all brothers and sisters.... like in the bible it says but whoever hates his brother.... well that means if you hate ur neighbors or anyone around you.... that means brothers stands for more than just ur siblings...

    ;D i hope i was of help.... [glow=red,2,300] PEACE BE TO YOU[/glow]
  • so we are all brother and sisters!!!! wow !!!! u made my day!!!!!!!!!!! thanks everyone!!!!!! :D god bless you alll!!!!!!!!
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  • i didn't get that topic! :'(
  • i will tell u later sandra!!!! thanks again everyone!!!!! lol
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  • can you tell me now and not just me tell who ever wants to know!
  • hey, i know everyone has already answered to this, but i just wanted to add thay i agree with everyone that we are all brothers and sisters in gods eyes so we should treat everyone like family...anyways i hope i was of some help to you...god bless all

  • thanks for replying and sharing that god bless you all!!!
  • nice replys everyone but i have a question that may sound a little stupid to you but not for me so....does that you all guys said that we are all brotheres and sisters in god but they are people that are like bad and staff are those still our brothers and sisters?this is really anoying me soooo much!!please i want all your opinions!!!!!i know you guys are all smart and can give me a good answers!!
  • i agree with marmar. just because, say your sister does something wrong doesn't mean you deny her as family. no, you help them to stop doing wrong and pull them closer, not abandon them and pull them away.
  • i know christforlife i mean what if you don't is that still be a sin that you like no friends anymore???
  • i know that we're all brothers an' sisters but does god see us like that we r all brothers and sisters?
    or every single 1 on its own or wut!
  • we're all children of god and god loves to see us to be honest and friendly, so he wishes to see us as brothers and sisters in God's way!
  • yeah...he always wants to see us loving each other as brothers and sisters
  • Of course. In fact if we dont see each other as brothers and sisters God does all the more.
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