hey everyone

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hey hey hey evrybody lol
hi my name is nancy from st.mary chicago
my friend told me about his site so i decided to check it out
it seems pretty cool so far ;D


  • ahlan ya nancy... nice name... it's also my sister's name...
  • welcome Nancy! ;D
  • welcome Tasbeha.org :)
  • welcome hope u lyk it gal

    GB ALL
  • Welcome Nancy.. Wish u enjoy the site more
  • Welcome nancy. Enjoy it here :)
  • you will love it here, it's like we're a really big family.... :-* !!
  • hey nancy.. welcome to Tasbeha
  • welcome!
  • hey nancy,
    my name is nansy too!

    *I'm the only nansy that I know that has an "s" besides a "c"
  • hey welcome and u will love it soooooo much!!!!! ;D glory be to god!!!!!
    batikha-basketball :D
  • Administrators!!!! please, we have all given Amaru a chance to straighten up his acts and hopefully we have all prayed for him...but he is seriously hurting other people.
    its the same thing as murder almost... when someone says something horrible about someone else, this bully is killing the lovely happy spirits on this site.
    May God bless you Amaru but its time to stop and talk with God about whatever you have that is bugging you.
    Thank you and God bless
    sis in Christ, makook
  • sis in christ, makook
    correction it's not murder it's technically a threat!
  • welcome nansy.....i like your name so much!it is my best friends name!
  • i didn't even know we had a church in chicago! cool, welcome!
  • there are two..by the way...welcome
  • NANSY... the one that i kno?
    i am Marina form miluakee
    o yea and WELCOME!!
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