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Eh Ya Botros


Eh Ya Botros
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  • "When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, Woman, behold your son! Then He said to the disciple, Behold your mother! And from that hour that disciple took her to his own home." John 19:26…
  • australia
  • thanks for the reply, btw it is monday afternoon now for me and i need to send my lesson to my coordinator by wednesday (she only checks her email on wednesdays) for next weeks sunday school... no we dont have sunday skool on
  • This is the full story-its very long but other sources like the synaxarium doesn't have the full story.
  • There is also another Prince Tadros- Prince Tadros el-Shotby. He was alive at the same time as Prince Tadros el-Mishreke. He died three times and Jesus brought him back to life....and he killed a real dragon. He's such as amazing saint ill try and f…
  • Another tricky 1 i got was 'who was looking after the world when Jesus was in St Mary's womb? Abouna once sed how Jesus was never limited being God so He was still in Heaven while on earth. Like the light in the room...u cant say its limited to just…
  • i've got a grade 6 class too and they asked me the same question and I told them the train thing too! lol. Its hard with this age group because they start searching for answers about concepts that are difficult to comprehend like the trinity and God…
  • there is a bishop suriel but he is from the diocese of melbourne and affiliated regions, Australia. (My Bishop). He's been in America for some time though- long story.
  • hey new cool peter from adelaide, south Australia. Nice career doing first year dentistry! Rabina maak-hopefully u get in
  • hey did HG Bishop Suriel go to the convention....i think i saw him in a picture?
  • was it something to do with the number of times Jesus was wipped?
  • excellent response Kiro....Pope Shenouda is a VERY Holy man...Matt im sorry but u got NO idea how Holy Pope Shenouda is or anyone else...wat do u mean its your opinion? How is it a matter of opinion? Do Angels wisper in ur ear who is Holy and who is…
  • Hey FROG, thanks for posting that...I think that every copt should read this. Truly God has given us a great blessing of being Copts!
  • Hi Christ4life, try to interest ur brother in the lives of the saints especially the warrior saints such as Saint George, st Mina etc. Try to get saint movies from church or something and watch them with him. Kids love the saints and their stories c…
  • Hey Coptatcu, U can just save the webpage from File save as. Or u can copy the good stuff in a work document and save that......alternatively go to favourites and say add to favourites and tick the view offline box. God bless u Peter
  • no worries ;)
  • Hey Pete Anthony glorification.pdf on page 3 and 4 of this pdf its gotta the words in coptic, english-coptic and english God bless ya Pete
  • lol
  • Hi Deano, Sorry for my ignorance but i dont understand wat u mean when u refer to bible bashers and all that.... Also i get i idea that ur not interested in people's answers when they quote/refer to the bible. Why? As copts the bible is the basis of…
  • Hey guys, When we wake up and see God's light we should should remeber His ressurection and thank God for it- this is the 1st hour prayer. we also thank God for giving us another day 3rd hour is when the disciples received the Holy Spirit in Pentac…
  • What u sed is very important coptic boy...its not just physical limitations set by the church like dont spit or swim.....we must try even harder not to swear or fight or think wrong thoughts or commit any wrong deed when we have taken Holy Communion.
  • yeh come over to Adelaide if uv ever heard of it
  • Hey Geraldine...dont worry we are all still learning.... Regarding Holy Communion we believe that it is the TRUE body and blood of Jesus Christ (not just a resemblance or something)- if ur confused let me know and ill try and explain... Since it i…
  • Hey MarMar keep ur chin up....every1 goes through these times in life. I have felt the same when i was ur age...and i still can relate to some of the things u say... Firstly and most importantly talk to God about what ur feeling and ask Him what hi…
  • Hey MarMar, Ofcourse we must all be very careful to watch ourselves after we take Holy Communion like dont eat chewy, go swimming, spit etc. BUt if u spat once off accidently- u obviously cant go down the drain and swallow it up again. However, it…
  • ...3 is a good number lol. Nah I think it is certainly to do with the Holy Trinity like Coptic Servent sed. Its like Peter denied the Father, Son and holy Spirit.
    in Why 3? Comment by Eh Ya Botros July 2005
  • Im with ServantOfJesus....the fact that Barabas was such an evil person well known as a murderer and he was still chosen over Jesus highlights the extreme injustice Jesus faced WILLINGLY so we may all b saved. In fact that the people chose barabas …