Prince Tadros

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I recently went to Egypt and saw a lot of churches for Prince Tadros. Can anyone provide me with a link to his story, cos i can't find it!


  • this is his story

    Prince Tadros (Theodore)

    2. Martyrdom of St.Theodore El-Mishreke (Of the East)
    On this day also of the year 306 A.D., the church celebrates the commemoration of the martyrdom of the courageous prince, St. Theodore El-Mishreke (Of the East). He was born in the City of Tyre in 270 A.D. In his youth, he enlisted in the Roman army and was promoted to the rank of commander. His father's name was Sadrikhos, Adrakos who was a high ranking official during the reign of Emperor Numerianus (283-284 A.D.), and his mother was the sister of Basilides, the minister. When Emperor Numerianus died in the war against the Persians, his son, Justus, was fighting in the west. The two officials Sadrikhos and Basilides continued to run the affairs of the Empire, until the infidel Diocletian took charge of the Empire, and started to persecute the Christians. At that time, St. Theodore was in charge of the army that was fighting against the Persians. He saw a vision at night: a ladder was extended between earth and heaven, and at the top of the ladder the Lord sat on a great throne, surrounded by hosts of angels chanting. He also saw under the ladder a great beast which was the devil. The Lord said to St.Theodore, Your blood will be shed for My Name's sake. The saint asked the Lord, How about my friend Lawondius? The Lord replied, Not only Lawondius, but Banikaros, the Persian, also. During a truce, between the Roman and Persian armies, St. Theodore met with Banikaros, the commander of the Persian army. St. Theodore guided him to Christianity and he believed in Christ. Emperor Diocletian ordered that Prince Theodore be brought to him. The prince came back with his army and with him were Lawondius and Banikaros. When St. Theodore knew that the Emperor was going to ask him to worship idols, he told his soldiers, Whoever among you wants to fight for the Name of the Lord Christ, let him come and join me. They all shouted in one accord, We die with you and your God is our God also. When he arrived in the city, he left his soldiers outside and went alone to the Emperor who received him well. The Emperor inquired about the war and the army and he asked St.Theodore to worship Apollo. The saint answered in great courage and faith, I do not know any god that I can worship except my Master, Jesus Christ. Diocletian commanded his soldiers to nail the Saint to a tree and to brutally torture him. But the Lord was strengthening and comforting him. Finally, he delivered up his pure soul into the hand of the Lord Whom he loved. He received the crown of eternal glory in the kingdom of heaven. The Emperor sent the priests of Apollo to the soldiers of the saint, to call upon them to worship the idols. They all shouted, We have no king except our Master, Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings. When the Emperor heard what they said, he had them all beheaded. They received the crowns of martyrdom and eternal bliss.May Their prayers be with us. Amen

    this site has pictures of the church in egypt
  • There is also another Prince Tadros- Prince Tadros el-Shotby. He was alive at the same time as Prince Tadros el-Mishreke. He died three times and Jesus brought him back to life....and he killed a real dragon. He's such as amazing saint ill try and find his story for u.

    This is the full story-its very long but other sources like the synaxarium doesn't have the full story.
  • yea sorry i forgot the link to Tadros El-Shatby
    1. Martyrdom of St.Theodore of Shotep
    On this day, of the year 220 A.D., St. Theodore of Shotep was martyred. His father's name was John and he was from the city of Shotep in Upper Egypt. He went with his regiment to the city of Antioch, where he married the daughter of a pagan noble man, and begot by her this St. Theodore. When his mother wanted to present him to the house of idols to be educated there, his father refused. She became angry, drove him away, and the child remained with his mother. His father John prayed ceaselessly, and entreated God to guide his son Theodore to the path of salvation. The child grew up, and learned philosophy, wisdom, and literature. The Lord Christ illuminated his heart, and Theodore went to a righteous bishop who baptized him. When his mother heard of this she was sorrowed greatly, but the Saint did not mind her.

    He joined the army and advanced in the ranks until he became one of the great generals during the reign of Emperor Lucianus. The people of the city of Eukhitos worshipped a great serpent, and offered to him a human sacrifice every year. While St. Theodore was passing through this district, he saw a woman crying bitterly. He asked her about the reason for her crying. She answered him saying, I am a widow and they have taken my two sons to offer them as a sacrifice to the serpent, although I am Christian. He said to himself, They have wronged this woman, but God shall avenge her. He came down from his horse, and turned his face towards the East and prayed, then drew near the serpent. The people of the city were watching him from the tops of the walls of the city. The serpent was fourteen cubits long, but God gave him power over it, and he speared it with his spear and killed it, and delivered the sons of the widow.

    After this, Theodore came to Egypt to search for his father, and he stayed with him until he died, and then returned to Antioch. He found that the Emperor had apostatized the faith and started to persecute the Christians. He came before him and confessed the Lord Christ. The Emperor ordered him beaten with rods, burned, and cast into the fire. He delivered up his soul and received the crown of martyrdom. A Christian woman took his body - it was said that she was his mother - after she gave much money to the soldiers and hid his body until the end of the time of persecution. Churches were built in his name in many cities.

  • WOW i'm so proud i have his last name lol
    Mishriki. hmmm maybe we're related lol
  • hmmm maybe we're related lol

    in your jk, jk....

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