christian behaviour

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Hi guys,
I have to prepare a sunday school lesson this week on Christian behaviour...ive got year 7s so it cant be too high level stuff. I was wondering if any1 has any ideas/suggestions?
I was just going to pick a few things from Baba Kyrillos' book 'Christian behaviour' but it seems a bit advanced for them.....


btw i need ideas 2nite or max by 2moro so i can send it to my coordinator


  • thanks for the reply, btw it is monday afternoon now for me and i need to send my lesson to my coordinator by wednesday (she only checks her email on wednesdays) for next weeks sunday school... no we dont have sunday skool on
  • I would suggest not to make it a set of rules to follow, rather explain that to be a christian is the fruit of personal experiences and convictions, and the work of Christ through the Holy Spirit in the life of the person. The foundation is more important to focus on. I have found that telling young kids how to behave lasts only for a certain period of time and then they are overcome by their own passions, which one has to understand yet not tolerate.

    The foundation is a life in the Church, a life of prayer and worship, reading the Bible and knowing God's commandment, practicing a life as a member of Christ's body through intercession and I hope that through all the before mentioned they will come to understand the Orthodox Faith. Without Orthodoxy in thought and practice, do not expect any genuine christian behavior. It will be always a fire fighting situation.

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