new cool boy!

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hey guys what up how u all doin?i was wondering where each one from??


  • hey "new" ,"cool" boy lol My name is sandra andrawis and i go to St. George Church in Brooklyn New york
  • hey new cool boy!wha's up welcome you finaly made and get it after a long........time!man that was a miracle!
  • NEW AND COOL.... i sure hope u r... lOl jp ;)
    ttyl Marina
  • yeah 3 weeks trying to regester and nothing is working!!it was a miracle!!but thank you guys!
  • May God bless you all with the gift of the Holy Spirit

    welcome and hope you enjoy this religious and wonderful site!
  • thanks alot guys for that welcome but i want to know what church is everyone from?i am from clearwater and iam 16 years old a high school sinior and i am planning to be a about you guys?and by the way my name is micheal!
  • holy molly 16 and gonna be a senior pretty young there.. maybe its just florida here your like 20 and gonna be a senior in new york lol
    my name is sandra andrawis not mark girgis and im fromSt. George Brooklyn New York
  • nice to meet you sandra!
  • pleasure to meet u to mike!
  • ahahah thats funni :] :P
  • hey new cool peter from adelaide, south Australia. Nice career doing first year dentistry! Rabina maak-hopefully u get in
  • lol i hope so...but irf i didn't get it i will be interested in something with music like guitar or piano or anything with music!but i want to be a dentist more!
    and i feel so bad this year abpout my grads!
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=6;threadid=2331;start=0#msg35640 date=1124856315]
    lol.. funny thing, I will be 16 when I my enter my senior year as well.. There are many different reasons.. for me.. I was born at the end of the year, November.. and so I missed the deadline for the birthdays... but my parents fought with my first grade teacher to let me in.. but she wanted to hold me back,.. but I went in.. and now I am not lacking at all in school even tho I'm supposed to be a grade down..

    me too!!! nice to know im not alone.... :) im not lacking anything at all... i even have a chance of being valedictorian of my 8th grade class...
  • but lol...christ for life how old are you now?
    you guys are still young is there any one here that is more than 16 or thats for 15 and under?i will be glad to know.hahahahaha
  • lol... I'm turning 13 soon... yep im the baby....
  • hey hahaha welcome and i hope u like it.... my name is mary,i am from clearwater florida and i am turning 14 in 20 days!!!!!! and my favorite sport is basketball!!!! as u can see..... ;)

    welcome and may god bless you!!!!!

  • he mary thats micheal who played fo the quir last reserection! for the high school quir last reserection?remember?
  • thank you guys for that warm welcome!!!i love that welcome!!so i didn't really get to now all of you!!so i want to........
  • hey mic i am 15 i am a junior in hs i go to st. john the baptist church in miami fl and football [glow=red,2,300]IS THE BOMB[/glow]
  • Welcome hahaha :)

    Am I am the only one on this forum above 20? It feels awkward.
  • no u r not the only one over 20 in the forum because i know a friend of mine and she is 26!!
    take care!
  • Ok so 2 over 20. ::)
  • okay..i guess i don't have to worry about it becasue i am not even 20 yet to be over 20!!
  • rf_z dude is ova....

    im autralia we go into highskool at the afe of 12!! in yr 7 or in ur terms, grade 7

    n im almost an adult aswell dw athanasius im catching up!!! :P
  • [quote author=why link=board=6;threadid=2331;start=15#msg42710 date=1132288342]
    rf_z dude is ova....

    im autralia we go into highskool at the afe of 12!! in yr 7 or in ur terms, grade 7

    n im almost an adult aswell dw athanasius im catching up!!! :P

    i don't get it?
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