Why Barabaus?

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I have been writing a book on Christianity for many years now. You would be glad to know that the aim of the book is to prove to anybody that has any doubts about our faith that Christ is the son of God and that also the Bible is the most perfect story in evry way.
Personally, this has made me closer to God to the extent that I am conteplating a career in the church - its all in God's hands now.
However, I am writing because I would like to know people's view, opions etc... on many issues. These issues seem clear to me in many ways, but as I am sure that I do not know it all, I would ask your help in this question (AND MANY MORE IN THE FUTURE). The question being (and they are all "why" questions):

Why did God choose Barabaus to stand aganist Chirst?
(I am refering to the moment in time when the crowed had to choose between Jesus or Barabaus.)
Why Barabaus not any other crook?

Please let me have your thoughts on the matter. I will reveil my reasons at a later date but I do not want to influence your thoughts for I am interested in your views which may well be different to mine.


  • Well I dont really think God specifically chose Barabus, for any particular reason. But God had this whole plan figured out, because he said the wages of sin is death- instead of condeming us all to hell, since we are all sinners - he decided to show mercy and He sacrificed his own son to give us a chance to live. Jesus- being without sin- was perfect for the "job". So if the crowds were to choose Jesus to free, as oppose to Barabus then no sacrifice would have been made, inoccent ppl would have remained in hades, and we would all go straight to hell.

    The whole point to GOD - the ALMIGHTY- to stoop down to our level and take HUMAN form was to grant salvation to man kind, and if they were to free him, then prophecies would not have been fulfilled and we wouldnt be saved.

    Now, why exactly he chose Barabus to be free.... ??? im not sure....I personally dont think there were any particular reasons....any other opinions on that guys...
  • My oponion might be wrong but i will say it anyway...

    Here is a sinner person and here is Jesus Christ (ALL the righteousness is in HIM)...the world saw Christ as not being righteous and crucified Him..while they didn't crucify the evil one. I am guessing God was teaching us a lesson that the evil one will get their way in the world..they will rise...they will escape the consequences...they will be treated good and loved by the people around them...even thou those people know that this person is evil...they will still do good to them to achieve something better (for example...there are those who get their ways and have more money by doing bad things in life and there are people who stick to them in order to get money as well instead of turning to the righetous ones) and in the other hand there is those righetous people who are poor for example or don't really get what they want in anything...so i am guessing it was to prove that righteousnes don't necessary get u passed in this evil world but it will make u happy forever and for the enternal life...
    just my thought
  • Barabbas was probably the most infamous murderer at the time who was notorious for being filled with all evil and that's why it was such a shock for Pontius that they would choose him over Christ.
  • As ServentofJesus said..Barabas is a thief and a murder...so why a murder to be released? I guess so that the prophesies be fullfilled? Is. 5: 23 "Who justify the wicked for a bribe, and take away justice from the righteous man!" Prov. 17:15 "He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord." This also proves what Marianne said. I dunno I may be wrong. :-\
  • Im with ServantOfJesus....the fact that Barabas was such an evil person well known as a murderer and he was still chosen over Jesus highlights the extreme injustice Jesus faced WILLINGLY so we may all b saved.

    In fact that the people chose barabas over Jesus shows that they were clearly blind (it wasnt that they tossed a coin and so barabas to be released)

    Glory be to God

  • You guys & gals almost got there. I certainly like "Eh Ya Botos" comments so far. You and I seem to think very similarly.

    It is my belief that Barabaus who is a murder simblises the TAKE of life. Jesus is the GIVER of life.
    This is another example that the good Lord gives us to choose between those that Take and those that GIVE.
    Naturally the outcome shows that the Jews believe in the taking of life and the power associated with it - a concept that has not changed till today.

    Well done all.
  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father + and the Son + and the Holy Spirit +. The One True God. Amen.[/glow]

    Boom shaka laka , Deano! The people chose Barabbas instead of Christ because they chose the false saviour instead of the true Saviour! If we break down the name of Barabbas we will futher understand this:http://bible.crosswalk.com/Lexicons/Greek/grk.cgi?number=912&version=kjv

    Bar= in Hebrew means 'son of ' and 'bbas= means 'father'. Thus Barabbas means " son of the father"! St. Ambrose (4th century AD) says:

    "In this, however, the interpretation of the name gives the likeness of the image, for Barabbas means 'son of the father'. Thus, he belongs to those to whom it is said, 'Ye are of your father, the devil [John 8:44]' and who are revealed as about to choose the AntiChrist as son of their father, rather than the Son of God."
    - Hom.149 Commentary, Bk 10, Par.102

    So whom will we chose? I chose the Lord Jesus Christ, the True Son of God and Saviour of the world!
  • That was a terrific explaination Boricua_Orthodox

    Good job and keep it up....

  • that could not have been more perfect. thanks, i would have never known that if you didn't post it. thanks! :)
  • Hello Boricua_Orthodox,

    Excellent point of view, I liked very much.

    I have this point to make, tell me if it dose make any sense.!!!

    We can look at the story of the trial of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a dialogue between God the Father, the Divine Truth and Justice and God the Son, the Divine Mercy.

    God the Father was showing us that the whole humanity, from Adam on, deserve to die because of their wickedness and blasphemy against God. And even if all humanity were to be crucified, it would not have been sufficient to please the Divine Justice.

    + Pilate was representing the Divine Justice and the punishment against sin.
    + The Lord Jesus was representing the Divine Mercy, The Redeemer who wanted to pay the price of sin.
    + Barabbas was representing the sinful humanity, who deserve to die.

    Pilate wanted to release Jesus and sent Barabbas to be crucified, But the Divine Mercy in the person of the Lord wanted to take his place.

    So God the Divine Just in the person of Pilate said “ Behold the man “ John 19:5
    which means, this is the one, as representative of all humanity deserve to die. And the whole humanity would escape the Divine Just.

  • Thanks to all including " Boricua_Orthodox" for an excellent answer. I totally share your comment and it related to my latest question regarding "Jews?". The answer to this is also related.
  • wow ur responses are so incredible guys :o lol
    i have learnt so much of this site
    thanx heaps ;D
  • If you like what you read (and I hope I am included in this !!) then I would be happy to give you a free copy of my book when it's ready.

    Keep thinking and ask Jesus to show you and he will.

    Bless you.
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