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Can somebody enlighten me on the matter?

Catholics don't eat fish on Fridays.
Copts don't fast on Wednesdays and Fridays (without dairy or animal products?

So where did all this start or come from? Are these church rules or Biblical?

And what happens if people cannot fast for whatever the reason (health, whatever,.........)

And will these people go straight to hell (as I guess Judas seems to gone that way)?

I am interested to share your views and comments. Remember the good answer is not the one that resites, or just concentrates on the topic of fasting, for I am sure well are all aware of the Biblical FACTS. I am intersted on the days of the week, why the types of goods, and why Fish with catholics? A little research here will set the difference between a 'pass' and a distinction grade.
Seriously, I would love to know.


  • Deano,

    May I ask you a question? If you do not want to answer it, feel free and do not answer, It is OK, I respect your opinion. We can still be friends!!!!!

    What is your denomination?

    Thank you
  • I dont know why catholics dont eat fish on fridays nor do I know what their traditions on fasting is. Now to answer the rest of your questions! Who told you that copts dont fast on wednesdays and fridays? Copts do fast on those days and we also cant eat fish on those days as well as abstain from dairy products. The reason behind wedenessday and friday is because we remember that Christ suffered for us! Wednessday is the day of the plot to arrest Jesus and Friday is the day He was crucified for us! The only time that we dont fast on wednesday and friday is during the holy 50 days after the ressurection and that is because we are happy that our Lord arose from the dead. If a person can not fast (whether it be wednesday or friday or during any type of fast) then that is something that they have to take up with their father of confession. Abuna absolves them and pretty much gives them permission not to fast! Now for the last question....It really isnt our place to say whether or not someone is going to heaven or hell! In the topic related to Judas we said he will go to hell because he did the ultimate sin which was commit suicide (one of the unforgivable sins because you lose hope in salvation).

    Hope this helps!
  • To Safaa: I am Coptic (one that asks, questions and refused to recite "parrot fashion" scriptures or Coptic language without understandin it). I am naturally amazed that you are asking but I feel as per Iqbal that somehow you have doubt ! I can assure you that I am not a protestant even though I do know and have a definition of what protestants stand for. They do say that the DEVIL does try and rock one's faith and the stronger the faith the stronger he tries. Well, I'm ready whenever and have been for many a years. It won't be the first and it won't be the last but I can assure you that the outcome will be the same.
    I would be intersted to know yours.

    To Coptatcu: Apologies for mistyping. When I wrote "Copts don't fast on Wednesdays and Fridays (without dairy or animal products?" I meant the opposite "Copts fast on Wednesdays and Fridays (without dairy or animal products?". My cut & paste is not as good as perhaps others!
    Thanks for your explaination which suggests that it is a church thing/rule (and please correct me if I am wrong).
    As for the Catholic difference, I know a Catholic priest one or two that may shed light on the matter.
    As for Judas, I have no problem with your view/opinion/belief. This comes from respecting other's point of view (I guess I have lived in the west for too long with all this civil liberties, freedom if the individuals, etc....). Putting Judas aside for the moment for perhaps physciologically we may feel hatred towards him for obvious reasons, assuming that somebody sinned such a sin that they find it difficult to live. Assuming that that person did not have the facility/capability to repent (and I have no idea if such thing existed under Jewish law then), and assuming that that person took his own life (to punish himself - and please note that I have no ideas as to what the Jewish law says about suicide - I know that they think that their blood is special for they believe that they are the choosen people and yet they were happy to crusify Jesus), so where does this person end up?
    I have no problem in understanding the view within Christianity be it Orthodox or whatever sector. I have no problem with people bashing my head with Bibles and scriptures. My question is relating to Judas and his circumstances at the time (those mentioned above). Had he been the boy next door in the year 2005 then I have a pretty good idea of where people's concenses on the matter lies. Howver its Judas of nearly 2000 years AGO that I am asking. My questions are to raise discussions with the view of sharing and educating and that includes me. I have no special relationship or likeness for Judas but like I mentioned in previous postings, if a question is worth asking then it warrents an answer.
  • Hi Deano,
    Sorry for my ignorance but i dont understand wat u mean when u refer to bible bashers and all that....
    Also i get i idea that ur not interested in people's answers when they quote/refer to the bible. Why? As copts the bible is the basis of our whole belief and it is very important that we try and answer any questions from the bible. As copts we DONT believe its ok for every1 to have their own opinion about issues like u have suggested sons of God we must share the same opinion as our loving father EVEN IF WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY!! God knows what is best and what is right and wrong and He reveals His will in the Holy Bible. As we grow spiritually we can then understand more and more what God's will is and how to underatnd the bible.

    God bless ya


  • High five Peter!!
  • Putting the bible bashing aside as this has confused people. No body has answered the question relating to Judas and the law as he knew it then at his time (as per the rest of my above posting). Any takers?
  • Not everything has to be litteraly in the bible. The bible was written after the church was established, and fasts are their for our benefit to grow spiritually, they dont need to be stated explicity in the bible. It's enough that our Lord fasted 40 days and nights and so did a lot of characters in the bible.

    if i remember well some of these fast are mentioned in the didach, others developed over time such as great lent and the 3 additional days for the muqattam mountain etc.

    obviously people dont go to hell per se when they dont fast . Fasting is not a goal, its an aid to achieve our final goal which is to get closer to God. If people are not able to fast due to illness or other personal reasons they dont have to.
  • I completely share your view on fasting.

    I would however refer you and all other readers to the initial posting of this topic as I am keen for answers to learn.

    I have no ideas as to why not fish on a Friday (Catholic) whilst other have it wish chips (Protestants), etc............. and all of the above.

    Its not the fasting that is the issue, its the different dates and differing foods as per Catholics etc................
  • I believe that just like us, they consider it to be a sacred day because Jesus was crucified on that day. Others, I don't know.

  • i dont know anything bout the fasts of other denominations. Its probably just other heritage and traditions. Keep in mind also that the catholic church had a lot of good fasts like ours in the past but once they started to change small things, it ended with the current situation where there's almost no fasts at all.

    I know some protestant people from school, maybe i can get an answer from them bout the friday and fish and chips thing. I'll get back to u if i find out.
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