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تين اوؤشت
Ten`ouwst `m`Viwt Not owner
  Shere Maria Tee-oro
شيري ماريا تيؤرو
<ere Maria ]ourw Not owner
  Apinav Shopi
آبيناف شوبي
`A pinau swpi Not owner
  Al El-orban Al Not owner
  Kerie Leison (41 times) Kurie ele`ycon Not owner
  Oo-o-oo Nem Otaio Ou`wou nem outai`o Not owner
  Alleluia Fai be pi-ehoo =A=l Vai pe pi`ehoou Not owner
  Alleluia. Je Efmevee
الليلويا جي افميي إ
Allylouia. Je `vmeu`i Not owner
  Khen Efran Qen `vran Not owner
  Zoxa Patri Doxa Patri Not owner
  The Thanksgiving Prayer
صلاة الشكر
Not owner
  The Absolution of the Servants Nek`ebiaik `prefsemsi Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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