Alleluia Fai be pi-ehoo :: =A=l Vai pe pi`ehoou


Alleluia. This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. O Lord save us. O Lord straighten our ways. Blessed is He, who comes in the name of the Lord. Alleluia.

Said on all days that are not part of a fast, on all major and minor feasts, on the feasts of the cross, and the feast of Nayroz.

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Allylouia. Vai pe pi`ehoou `eta `P=o=c ;[email protected] maren;elyl `nten`ounof `mmon `[email protected] `w `P=o=c ek`[email protected] `w `P=o=c ek`ecouten [email protected] `f`cmarwout `nje vy`e;nyou qen `vran `m`[email protected] =a=l.

هلليلويا. هذا هو اليوم الذي صنعه الرب فلنفرح ونبتهج فيه. يا رب خلصنا يا رب سهل سبيلنا. مبارك الآتي باسم الرب. هلليلويا.