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  • Here is the answer of HH Pope Shenouda concerning this matter, it's taken from the book "So many years with the problems of people" ( : Question: There are two a…
  • It's called halele wefrahe and you'll find it on this page in the category spiritual songs, it's the first one : Hope it helps :) GBU
  • I think one thing one should do to stay humble is always remembering that even if i see myself a good person or i have many gifts i don't have to be glorious abt this because it's due to the work of the grace of God in me and that God who put in me …
  • You will find it in the book of lamentations, chap 3, from 1 to 66. God bless
  • In France we pray in Coptic, Arabic and French but unfortunately we don't pray in English :( I wish we'll do one day
  • Excuse me, here's the right link,_Liturgy_of_St._Cyril.html
  • Here's the link for the english version:,_Liturgy_of_St._Cyril.html called "Hymn for the great lent" Hope it helps
  • U can also see when u read the 2 passages (Luke chapter 1), that Zachariah didn't believe what the archangel Gabriel said to him and that's why Gabriel told him then "I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God". As for St Mary, she believed imm…
  • I think the best thing to do is to pray. (and also to ask your father of confession) Like bishop Moussa said once, u should pray and say to God if this love is from You so keep it but if it's not so throw it away from me. God bless
    in love Comment by peter75 March 2005
  • hello Youstina I went to his church in Egypt and i have this pic
    in picture Comment by peter75 February 2005
  • Our Lord Jesus came to the world to save anyone who came to him. But most of Jews refused Christ cause they were thinking that the saviour will come to deliver them from Romans ; they didn't understand and they are still waiting for a savior to come…
    in Isreal Comment by peter75 February 2005
  • "notofthisword" is right because Ahmed didn't say anything wrong so Add i don't understand why u attack him. I'm also very glad to see a muslim guy on the site with a very open mind. Ahmed u give a very good image of Islam ;)
  • After all da nices posts u all wrote I just want to share with u a sermon of Amba Moussa about Love, it's great. u'll find it on : in "sermons" it's called "al shabab wal 3atefa" Enjoy ;)
  • I don't know sites, but there is in Egypt a video-CD of Anba Raphael explaining the liturgy. So maybe if u know someone going to Egypt u may ask him to bring it to u because this cd is really great.
  • J'ai oublié de me présenter d'ailleurs. Pierre de Paris, France. Eglise Ste Marie et St Marc.
  • oh la il y a du francais dans l'air à ce que je vois Ca fait plaisir SVP les francophones dites ki vs étes et d'ou vous venez juste pour savoir. :D
  • I want to ask another question on the same topic. DO u think ther's a certain age to start confessing? Personaly i think when u start really young it becomes very normal 4 u to sit with abouna and tell him about anything.
  • Hey everyone. I just want to say something: the rightest icon for St John in the coptic rites is the icon of the Baptism which is on the right on the "iconostase"..
  • I want to say also that we can't stay too long without confession beause no one knows when he'll die so we have to repent often. So I think a few months between 2 confessions but we can't stay years without confession.
  • The fact is when nothing special or "new" happened so it's difficult to tell abouna about the same problems u had 40 days before when u already know what he is gonna answer.
  • "Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says. And if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for women to spea…
  • I just want to say that I agree with Loly. And that she's really right. Because the real power of our church is our faith in God who can defend us against anyone. So I don't think we should go in demonstrations or make petitions or even thinking ab…
  • Sorry! I forgot that u have an account on this site too Tifou. So yes we are 2 french now. Great.
  • Hey Matt u see i take part to forums now just like u. ;)
  • May I go back to the original topic 8) I'm from St Mary and St Mark church in Paris, France. I didn't see anyone from France replying on this forum, i hope i'm not the only french :)