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i'm looking for el kadees ebskheron elklene picture and what his story
plz if anyone find any information let me know


  • hello Youstina
    I went to his church in Egypt and i have this pic

  • Hi Youstina,

    You can find his story on the seventh of Baouna in the Synaxarium.

    The Martyrdom of St. Abaskhiroun the Soldier

    On this day, the honorable St. Abaskhiroun, who was from the city of Qalin, was martyred. He was one of the soldiers of Arianus, governor of Ansena (Antinoe). When the Edict of Diocletian to worship the idols was issued, this Saint arose in the middle of the people present, exposed the infidelity of the Emperor, and cursed his idols. They seized him and shut him up in the prison, which was in the palace of the Governor, in Asyut. Five other soldiers agreed with him to shed their blood in the Name of Christ. Their names were: Alfius, Armanius, Arkias, Peter, and Cranius. When they came before the Governor, he cut off their girdles, tortured them, crucified some and cut off the heads of the others.

    As for St. Abaskhiroun, the Governor tortured him with different kinds of tortures, but the Lord comforted him, strengthened him, and healed his wounds. The Governor brought a sorcerer, whose name was Alexander. He gave the Saint some deadly poison, saying; "O master of the powers of darkness, manifest in this Christian your powers." The Saint took the poison, made the sign of the cross over it, and drank it, but no harm came upon him. The sorcerer marvelled, and he believed in the God of St. Abaskhiroun. The Governor cut off the head of the sorcerer, and he received the crown of martyrdom. The Governor became more enraged with the Saint. He tortured him extensively, then he ordered to cut off his head, and he received the crown of martyrdom.

    May his prayers be with us and Glory be to God forever. Amen.

    Hope it helps you.
    May God bless you.
  • i don't know in coptic month
    do u know the day in the regular date
    something like that

  • Baouna 7th is equivalent to June 14th in regular date
  • is there is video tape on his life story
    I'm just wondering ;D
    reading his story but when i watch saints movie it really draw a picture on mind
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