What's Love?



  • I so agree with you Maz. Love is when you can show people the goodness and true light of a christian.

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    every time i see this thread, i think the same thing, whats love got to do with it? got to do with it? lol i cant help it,

    Now you got me doing it...lol...everytime I see this thread that song keeps popping up in my head...over and over...lol...
    which one the tina turner one or the newer one haha ;D :D ;) :)
  • Thanx sleepy... :)
    I'm glad you agree with me.. and you brought up a great and significant point, that it's all from God. God's given it to us, he's shown it to us, and he IS it. :)

    Thanx again sleepy, God Bless ;D
  • Amen. lol

  • which one the tina turner one or the newer one haha

    Tina Turner...LOL... ;D
  • Both now any ways! at first i only had the tina turner virsion stuck in my head, but the ja rule courus keeps echoing in my head too! LOL

    Maria (sorry, ur all suffering from my dissorder)

  • lol, we all suffer together :)
  • ill hafta disagree with a couple of you...i think its much more than an emotion...
  • It's a lot more than just an emotion. An emotion is something you feel yourself, while love is something to feel and be shared. Something that you can never get enough of and is immeasurable. There is nothing like love.

  • Love's also the root of all good. Every single bit of it.
  • i wanted to ask u guys a QS since we r talking about love .... when ur hurt from love.. what do you guys usually do?? :-\ ;)
  • PRAY!!! ..God is comfort!

  • Mary,
    Love never hurts....GOD IS LOVE...He put the love in our hearts..He loves us first and made us love one another..if you get hurt, be sure that wasn't TRUE LOVE..you may just liked a person and you felt very attached to that person to the point that you can't live without him but once everything is over .. it will take you a few minutes or few days, weeks, or months to forget all about it because it wasn't true....but it won't last forever..and I can't tell you how long it will take you to be healed from love because love never hurts. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND SHOW YOU THE RIGHT WAY.
  • Love is the most important thing in the world. It is what keeps us together. Without it, there is no happiness. If love dies than we die without it. Only those who truly love find happiness. To me, love is giving the last bite of your favorite candybar away. Love cannot be described. It is lived. Love doesn't hurt us. We just don't understand all of its concepts. All people love... but not all know how to show it. I cannot imagine my life without love. It never hurt me and never will. I am most happy when I am surrounded by my loved ones. There is no better feeling than the feeling of love. You don't have to be an adullt to know that. Once you have felt the warmth of your mother's arms you know what love is!
  • After all da nices posts u all wrote
    I just want to share with u a sermon of Amba Moussa about Love, it's great. u'll find it on :
    http://saintmina-holmdel.org/Multimedia/index.php in "sermons"
    it's called "al shabab wal 3atefa"
    Enjoy ;)
  • [quote author=mary k. link=board=1;threadid=1159;start=30#msg20009 date=1107666091]
    i wanted to ask u guys a QS since we r talking about love .... when ur hurt from love.. what do you guys usually do?? :-\ ;)

    I take comfort in reading the bible, and praying. God always helps. Talk to someone as well, that may help.

  • ^^^^"Love is a master key which opens the gate of happiness."
    ^^^"Love sees no color, age, weight, or looks, it only sees what is in your heart." -

    ^^^"True love will never fade unless it was all a lie "
    ...God's love has already been given to you. Now all you need to do is accept God's love and return it to life."

    ^^"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

  • CORINTHIANS!!!!! lol

  • [glow=red,2,300]GOD IS LOVE[/glow]
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