website for what happens in a liturgy..plzz...

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Hey does anyone please have a website or something which describes what happens during our liturgy...? please!! :)



  • I don't know sites, but there is in Egypt a video-CD of Anba Raphael explaining the liturgy. So maybe if u know someone going to Egypt u may ask him to bring it to u because this cd is really great.
  • I don't know a site either but you can try to download a book called "The Holy Liturgy". It's not long at all. Only a few pages description with pictures of the events in the liturgy. I can type it all for you if you'd like but I think you would be better off reading the book. lol.

    check out this link, this is the book by HG Mattaos, he explains everything, starting from the vesper praise, till the end of the Liturgy, enjoy :D

    and here's another huge explanation by Fr Athanasius Eskander...
  • You guys are in luck. As Hos erof mentioned, there is a book written by Fr. Athanasius Eskander, a priest here in Canada, explaining the Holy liturgy. If you read that, that is great, it is a very good book. He also made a video of the liturgy, where he would stop before or after every section and would explain exactly what the priest does and why he does it. And also explains what the deacons do in the alter and so on. I happened to stumble on this video while browsing the net and I would like to share it with you. I hope that it is helpful.

    The site is

    The peace of the Father and the Grace of His Only Begotten Son and the communion and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.

    Please keep me in your prayers
  • Thanx a bunch guys!!!

  • wow, awesome video's Antoni :D
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