Virgin Mary vs. Zachariah the Priest

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Zacharia the Priest, father of John the Baptist, questioned the Angel Gabriel when he was informed of the birth of John, and recieved his punishment accordingly. However, the Holy Virgin Mary also questioned the Angel Gabriel. Why is it that Zacharia recieved punishment but St.Mary did not?


  • i think u need to put in mind that Zecharaiah was a priest and he was in the LORD's alter. and if u think about it, what happend to st.Mary was impossible to be done. a VIRGIN that would give birth to the Creator was not normal. but a barren women giving birth has happened before in Isriel. and anyway st mary said that she was the LORD's. and of course there have to be an exception for st mary because we chant and say: " the Father looked from heaven, He found no one like, so He sent his only-Begotten, who came and saved us.
  • U can also see when u read the 2 passages (Luke chapter 1), that Zachariah didn't believe what the archangel Gabriel said to him and that's why Gabriel told him then "I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God". As for St Mary, she believed immediately and just asked "how" it will happened.
  • also another thing is that Zachariah and Elizabeth were praying for a child, they were asking God for a child, so why are they praying for something if they dont have the faith that it will happen ?.....on the other hand God chose St. Mary to bear Him in her womb, it is not something she chose, or something that she was praying for

    and as peter75 said mary believed but she just didnt understand how, but Zechariah did not want to believe
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