Vespers & Matins

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  Order of Vespers & Matins    Not owner
  Verses of Cymbles
أرباع الناقوس
`A Pi`,rictoc Pennou] Not owner
Ouoh menenca `hme `n`ehoou Not owner
  Psalm & Gospel (Vespers of Ascention) Nimetourw`ou Not owner
  Psalm & Gospel (Matins of Ascention) Afsenaf `e`p[ici Not owner
  Psalm Response Allylouia =a=l    Not owner
  Gospel Response
مرد الإنجيل
Hwc `P=o=c qen ouhwc `mberi    Not owner
  Concluding Canon
قانون الختام
`Ariten `nem`psa Not owner
  Amen Alleluia Vy`etafef twnf `ebol    Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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